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Graduated in 2007 the University of Polytechnics , Faculty of Mechanics in Timisoara - Romania. Working since then in a multinational corporation designing and modelling
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Artifact Forge
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Dub Coonco
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Jack Burke
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I am a student studying engineering and I am quite fluent in Solidworks, and i have experience in a variety of fields such as CAD modelling and realistic renders.
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As you know my name is Greg Sheldon. But what you don't know is that I have a knack for efficiency and a passion for 3D Cad design using Solidworks. Plus! I work in the commercial and industrial markets doing real world design, of real working parts and assemblies every single day. With that said, it indicates I am capable of seeing potential problems before they arise. And I certainly don't have any problem discussing these issues with my clients and/or you. This is simply because its always better to catch the problem in design than having to recall a product down the road, which will ultimately cost everyone a bunch of money... So that's just barely scratching the surface about me, and I look forward to any future endeavor with you. Oh and I am a Canadian resident just outside Toronto Ontario, and speak excellent english.
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Aarna Solutions
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•4yearsofexperienceinAutoCadDrafting,3dmodelingandGraphicDesigns •ProficiencyinAutoCad,GoogleSketchup,Vray,LumionandPhotoshop •Abilitytoanalyzeandinterpret2Ddrawingsforconversionto3Dmodelsandassemblies •Experienced in 3dvisualizing of variety of exterior and interior design high end projects •Ability to develop and interpret design information into 3dvisuals for presentations •Deliver renderings that meet thecompany's and clients's tandard and specifications •Ability in coordinating in a creative team in translating concept sketches •Detailed oriented with a high degree of accuracy •With great logical and analytical skills •Greatmulti-tasker and be able to pickup instructions and new ideas quickly
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We are a team of 10 people working in this office, 3 graphic designers, 3 web developers, 2 architect. We count with another office, there we have almost 10 people trained in another areas, for instance flash animations, different CMSs, 3D animations, architectural design , stands designs, and more depending on what our clients want. We can handle more than 4 projects at the same time, as I say, depending on the service you need.
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