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Luka B.
Member Since: 2014-04-27
I'm a mechanical engineer with a specialization in construction. Designing household oriented products is my hobby. One of my biggest strengths is connecting mechanics, construction and design. So my primary objective is the functionality and manufacturability and secondary comes design.
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Develop projects for leading European industrial group specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance precast concrete products using BIM and CAD software: -Design,calculate and draw shop drawings for precast sandwich walls, beams , columns and hollow core slabs, which requires some criteria that must be taken into account when designing buildings; 1. Dead and Imposed Loads The weight of the floors and the imposed load of people and objects are supported by the floors and walls. These transmit the gravity loads to the foundations 2. Wind Loads Wind loads are determined by the shape and exposure of the building. These forces are transferred to the ground via the floors and walls together with their connections. 3. Seismic Loads Earthquakes impose lateral and vertical motion upon a building and the structure responds with its own deflections. An equivalent static load is often used for the dynamic loads created by this deflection. Adequate connections and ductility between the floors and walls are paramount to resist these forces. The design of buildings requires the services of an experienced and competent engineer familiar with the requirements of the building type and local conditions.
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ahmed el kokani
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Akash Mendapara
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