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Krsjanis Zarins
Member Since: 2013-08-15
I'm a freelance mechanical engineer from Latvia (Eastern Europe), I speak fluent technical English as I studied engineering in the United Kingdom. Basically I am a hardware hacker, I like to make things differently just because I can and doing projects that are different than others is my kind of thing. My software of choice is Autodesk Inventor, but I have used and can use several other software platforms. I have worked in the industry as a shade structure designer, this experiance gave me some skills in visual design using Adobe CS6. I have also worked as a vending machine constructor and a stair designer. I spend my free time building weird bikes, just like the cargo-ghetto-blaster-bike in my picture. Facts about me: -Vent to art school as a child -Started programming in Turbo Pascal at age of 12 -Restored a 1954 Moskvich 401 with my godfather at age 14 -Got third place in Latvia State Physics Olympiad at age of 16 -Can play the Guitar, Piano and the Trumpet -Ride bikes every day
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Member Since: 2014-05-07
I`m designer with almost 18 years of experience in many areas. Since regular mechanial design until tools for Wind Blade molds.
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Dinesh Kumar
Member Since: 2016-09-09
Working as Application Engg For PTC Creo, Msc Apex, Mentor graphics Floefd. Hands on several projects in defence.
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