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Welcome to Cad Crowd, your one-stop shop for top talent in the field of facade design. We will be more than glad to connect you with a freelance facade design expert ready to make the optimal design for the face of your new building. We have vetted, experienced, pre-qualified designers who are experts in their field. Eliminate all the doubts and avoid the hassles of online hiring and connect with the best professional facade design freelancers from Cad Crowd.

A facade is a term used to describe an exterior of a building. Typically we are talking about the front side,  if the building has a front, but technically the term refers to any exterior side. When it comes to architecture, the facade of any building is usually a crucial aspect from a design perspective because it determines the overall character of the building as determined by an outside observer. This is the first thing that visitors see before entering a building and is one of the features which will most be associated with the space.

There are a number of important steps to follow for a successful facade design. First of all, there is facade material research and concept design phase. In this phase designers determine the options that are suitable for the specific characteristics of the building. Next, there is facade schematic design which represents additional analysis to evaluate the solutions considered during concept design phase. Then there is facade detailed design, facade bidding and evaluation, facade construction administration and possible failure investigation.     

Today, experienced designers are relying on advanced software tools capable of automating certain aspects of the design process and providing better accuracy and ultimately better end results. So, those interested in facade design should look for an experienced designer who knows how to work with modern software tools.

Our designers at Cad Crowd are prepared to work with you over the entire design process from the start to the end. They are here to provide top-notch facade design services of any kind. They will have you covered for every stage. By using the help of our designers you can rest assured that you will achieve the best results. Facade design is one aspect of our comprehensive set of architectural design and drafting services. You won't find this level of service from conventional architectural design firms. 

At Cad Crowd, we have a strong professional community that includes thousands of expert designers and other types of professionals from almost every country in the world.  We establish connections between clients and reputable freelancers. Send us more info about your new project and we will carefully analyze your requirements and needs and set you up with a free quote. Based on your specific project, we'll find the best-suited freelancer for you from our roster of industry-leading experts.



Raluca Harpa
Raluca Harpa RO in Cluj-Napoca
Member Since: 2013-04-12
ARCHITECT Expert in: residential architecture( 8 years), interior design( 6 years). Advanced in: landscape design( 2 years), furniture design( 2 years). TAILOR-made SMART design solutions with good sense for proportion, colour and texture.
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Misthi IN in Ahmedabad
Member Since: 2017-02-23
I am an architectural designer and 3D Animation Artist. I have done 3D projects of my client as per them needs. My working areas of expertise contain architectural design, interior rendering, exterior rendering, 3D models designs, 3D Walkthrough, 3D Floor plan,product design,3D printing and promotion, and corporate presentation. I can design your thoughts into reality.For that I use Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3D Max, Impression, Sketchup and V-RAy. I want to include my ability in design and architecture with my creativity to give you highest quality service for my clients. Please without any hesitation contact me and ask you any questions or opportunity. Thank you.
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Anton Voloshin
Anton Voloshin RU in Moscow
Member Since: 2016-07-17
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Renji Varkey
Member Since: 2012-11-10
  Facade Designer (Curtain Wall ,window door and composite cladding System)    I would like to working as Curtain Wall System Designer and I am qualified Draughtsman with B-Tech qualification obtained from Manchester college, UK. I have also completed two years Diploma in Civil Draughtsman with Auto Cad from India. I have 14 years work experience in Drafting in various countries around the world. My detailed experience and projects undertaken are enlisted in my Resume.  I am a registered member of CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) UK and my membership no is 02594842/1      I am 42 year’s old and   have a sound health and I am live permanently in United Kingdom with my Family. I would like to work in your esteemed organisation as a System Designer. I kindly request you to go through my detailed Resume and work experience and would appreciate if you could offer me an opportunity to work with you. I assure my dedicated work to your organisation to better achieve prosperity within your organisation and I request that my application may please be consider favourably.           Thanking you Yours faithfully      Renji.V.Varkey                                                                                             24/10/2012               
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pakuawa ID in Yogyakarta
Member Since: 2017-05-12
i am an interior designer based on Yogyakarta Indonesia since 2009
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LeslieR GB in
Member Since: 2012-11-06
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Member Since: 2013-12-17
I have 6 years experience in Cad field.
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Member Since: 2014-03-31
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ARBellis GB in Chester
Member Since: 2014-06-01
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Praveen Nagaraj
Praveen Nagaraj IN in Bangalore
Member Since: 2017-03-19
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