Freelance Electronics Packaging Experts for Hire

If there is one place you can get a host of freelance services, it is from Cad Crow. With thousands of freelancers spread out across the world, it is certain that you will find the freelance electronic packaging specialist. We continuously vet and pre-qualify our designers to ensure you only get the best person for the project at hand. 

Electronic packaging includes a wide array of technologies and it classifies under electronic engineering discipline. Electronic packaging includes all the protective enclosures built into the electronic product. Electronic packaging protects the product from electrostatic discharge, mechanical damage, radio frequency noise emission, etc. Consumer devices destined for the mass market incorporates highly specialized electronic packaging to enhance the product’s appeal to the customer.

Electronic packaging services are possible using different materials on the project. These materials include

Cast Metal: -The use of cast metal for electronic packaging when the product is destined for severe environments especially if the product is for use deep underwater purposes, onboard a ship or the heavy industry. In the present age, freelance electronic packaging experts use aluminum as compared to steel sand casting or iron.

Sheet Metal: - The Freelance electronic packaging expert punches and forms the sheet metal, and it has been in use for long periods as an electronic packaging material. It provides an electromagnetic shield, is mechanically robust and it is readily employed in prototypes as well as industrial runs.

Potting: - This type of electronic packaging involves immersing the product or its component in a liquid resin followed by curing the potted part. An expert electronic packaging freelancer uses this kind of packaging to protect the components of a semiconductor from mechanical damage, moisture as well as a mechanical structure to hold the chip and the lead frame together.

Machined Metal: - Other electronic packaging freelancers will machine solid metal blocks into complex shapes to provide electronic services to any product you may have. Aluminum is the preferred choice of metal, and it is perfect for the microwave assemblies in the aerospace industry. This is because the transmission lines call for complex metal shapes.

Molded Plastic: - Expert electronic packaging freelancers use this type of electronic packaging by offering tradeoffs in piece part cost, mechanical and electrical properties, tooling cost as well as assembly cost. The methods employed include transfer molding, die cutting, vacuum forming, injection molding etc.

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