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Welcome to Cad Crowd, your one-stop shop for professionals focused on Drone & UAV design. At Cad Crowd we are focused on connecting each of our clients to freelance Drone & UAV design experts ready to develop the next best drone or UAV. We connect clients with top-ranking designers with a proven record of success and reliability. On top of that, our designers are supported by Cad Crow’s guarantee that your new Drone & UAV design will be accurate to your project description. Set any dilemma about online hiring aside and use the help of professional Drone & UAV design freelancers from Cad Crowd.

As the name suggests, Drone & UAV design is focused on design activities related to these popular devices. Drone & UAV design includes many different elements like aerodynamic design, propeller analysis, and much more. With the help of this design, you can easily analyze the flow characteristics related to the rotors. This is an excellent way to determine the proper propeller layout for optimal performance. In addition, the aerodynamics analysis aspect of Drone design will help you get adequate pressure distribution. Thanks to the designers you can find at Cad Crowd, you can also build propeller prototypes and conduct performance tests too.

Drone & UAV design includes many different elements. Thanks to the modern software found on the market, our designers can perform initial aerodynamics design. Obviously, this design is focused on the propeller blades. By utilizing CFD with the help of rotation simulation, it’s much easier to construct a power-thrust curve. In the end, Drone & UAV design will help you determine the pitch and chord distribution, airfoil selection, RPM, rotor diameter, the number of propeller blades and many other things crucial to the performance and aesthetics of your drone design.

Drone & UAV design is also focused on structural design and analysis. Once again, experienced designers use special software programs to analyze the rotor and propeller structures. With the aforementioned structural analysis, it’s easy to determine the right vibration, strength, optimization, and fatigue specifications. In other words, Drone & UAV designers are here to provide the optimal design for your drone and to eliminate possible design flaws.

All the designers we have will work closely with you over the entire design process. They will update you update their progress related to initial analysis and they will also point out the possible problems. We have already mentioned that the drone & UAV design process is a complex one, but our designers are capable of working with you at every stage of this process.

The Cad Crowd community includes more than 12.000 experienced and reputable design experts from every part of the planet. Cad Crowd connects clients only with the best freelancers. Our freelancers offer their top-notch drone & UAV design services at a fraction of the cost typically offered by ordinary design companies. Let us learn more about your project. We will be glad to evaluate all your requirements and specifications and suggest the right people for the job. Speed up your design process by hiring top-ranking freelancers from Cad Crowd. 

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