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Product and component designs are rarely correct on the first try. What looks good on paper might not be able to perform properly in the real world, and what seems like an excellent design might actually result to an item that’s too heavy/weak/expensive to produce and/or might not function exactly as desired. 

Because of this, it’s important to conduct design optimization before going into the manufacturing phase. Design optimization is the process of testing different parameters and identifying the set that best suits the project’s requirements. It involves using statistics programs, analysis software, and other optimization tools to put your design through different scenarios and environments and evaluating its performance.

Through this process, you’ll have an idea of whether or not your initial design will result in a product or component that will perform well in the real world, and you can determine which changes and improvements you need to make. Of course, you’ll avoid wasting time, money, effort, and raw materials since you can perfect your design before you start manufacturing.

You can tackle this process on your own, but the best thing to do is to hire design optimization freelancers from Cad Crowd. This way, you’ll have your design tested by skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced people, who use latest analysis software and other programs to determine how your model works in different environments and come up with recommendations on how to improve it. Our freelancers have done projects in various industries and worked on both small and large tasks, and they can assist you no matter what your requirements are and what the size of your project is. 

If you’re ready to begin, consider submitting your project for a free quote. We'll review your project requirements and connect you directly with an expert designer chosen specifically for your project and we'll provide you with a free estimate of the cost of the optimization services. 

Alternatively, you can just browse through Cad Crowd’s list of freelance design optimization experts and choose those whom you think have the right level of expertise for your project. You can connect with these designers on their profile pages and contact them about hiring if you're impressed by their portfolios.

Can Crowd is home to designers that are prepared to work with every client and let them learn more about this process. They will provide product analysis and updates after they finish each of the stages we’ve mentioned before. As we already said, design optimization is used in different fields and our designers have experience with optimization in almost every field. They are excellent designers that provide the best possible results.

At Cad Crowd we have worked hard on creating a community that now includes over 12.000 professional designers and experts from every part of the world. Our goal is to connect clients with vetted, top-rated freelancers. We provide design optimization services at much more competitive prices than those offered by conventional design firms. Submit your project for a free quote. Our experts will analyze your project’s requirements and will suggest the best freelancer for your needs. Speed up the optimization process by using the design services provided at Cad Crowd.



Member Since: 2014-11-26
I believe, my ability to think out of the box enables me to challenge myself, and the most fundamental concepts. My experience in benchmarking prevalent analysis tools (Ansys / Nastran) by coding in MATLAB ensures my analysis is not constrained by commercial analysis tools. I’m confident that my skills and passion for industry are a perfect match to the company looking for a motivating Designer. I hold a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Sydney and have worked as Senior Design Engineer for Larsen & Toubro's Technology Development Centre that caters to the conglomerate's Aerospace division. After which, I worked as a design and development engineer for Bauer GMBH. I look forward for an opportunity to work on projects where I can improve my skills and strengths with the accomplishment of the clients goals and objective.
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Maxim Khudyakov
Member Since: 2015-12-22
155 points
Bhargava Marripati
Member Since: 2017-01-11
MSME Engineer, good in modelling, 3D-Design.
53 points
Member Since: 2014-07-08
I have 3 year experience as Modeler in unigraphics, Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA v5. I have also learned Hypermesh, Ansys, Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya. I have completed some product animations also for my company.
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JM Bennett
Member Since: 2014-11-11
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Member Since: 2014-07-09
Mechatronics engineer specialized in Cad and robotics.
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Member Since: 2017-01-13
I/we "make forms a functional part of life". With Ideation, I/we will formulate your ideas and concepts. I/we design, develop, consult, and/or market.
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Reo.Y QA in Doha
Member Since: 2014-12-09
I am an Indonesian, DESIGN is my passion, AVIATION is what I do, and AERONAUTICS is my soul. 7 years experienced as mechanical and aeronautical design engineer can help you to get a reliable design that compliance with DRO or design specification. Based on my academic background, research projects, and working experiences, I can offer you following services: - Technical Drawing - Product Design for 3D printing - Injection Molding Design - Technical Drawing for CNC Machine - 3D modeling and 2D drawing using SolidWorks or AutoCAD - Prototype Design for testing - RC Aircraft / UAV Design As a professional engineer, I always committed to deliver best result to my client as per requested Product Design Specification, with technically-proofed design (Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly) and prepossessing artistic appearance. Looking forward to work with you and create a design that will exceed your expectation! *Build a SIMPLE, SMART and STYLISH design for you*
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Member Since: 2013-01-24
I am an innovator and a problem solver with a passion for clean energy and lean engineering. I love to come up with innovative solutions that can positively impact our world and its energy crisis. "We can't change our future but we can create it", Ankur Jain Specialties: Battery Systems,Aircraft Design and Performance optimization, CAD/CAM CATIA V5, OML design, Alternative energy, BMS design and Electric and Hybrid Aircraft/vehicles design and optimization, VAWT Wind Turbine Optimization, Generator Design and Optimization
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Member Since: 2014-10-13
My profession is Mechanical Engineering with Tool Engineering Background, I had experience in Designing of all products with Simulation
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