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Cad Crowd is one of the best places for those looking for experts in the field of integrated circuit design. Our team will help you establish a connection with freelance design automation experts who will aid your efforts to create electronic systems (printed circuit boards for example). Each designer found on our list is carefully selected, trained and qualified so you can rest assured that your new design automation project will be just as you wanted. Forget about the unsuccessful stories about online hiring and get in touch with top-rated professional design automation freelancers here on Cad Crowd. 

Design automation often called electronic design automation or simply EDA uses a special kind of software tools used for designing integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, and other similar electronic systems. These software tools work simultaneously in a so-called design flow that qualified designers use to create and monitor semiconductor chips. 

It is worth mentioning that before design automation was invented, engineers had to design integrated circuits and printed circuit boards were manually designed. Obviously, this process took a lot of time and effort to be completed. Even though design automation was used academically from the early 1970s, the commercial use of design automation started in 1981. Today there are many design automation engineers offering their services to companies and organization that need these tools.

Design automation software tools are focused on many things, but generally speaking, they can be separated into four categories. First of all, design automation services obviously include design activities. They include things like schematic capture, logic synthesis, high-level synthesis and layout (typically schematic-driven layout). There are simulation activities too – hardware emulation, logic simulation, transistor simulation, technology CAD, electromagnetic solvers and behavioral simulation. The so-called manufacturing preparation includes mask data preparation and the analysis and verification activity is focused on formal verification, functional verification, physical verification, static timing analysis, equivalence checking and clock domain crossing verification.

 In case you want to bring your company in the world of technology business with a unique invention, high-quality design automation is a must. A trained design automation engineer will give you details about the need and requirements of your device and it will ensure that your device is ready for the market. 

Each designer we have will work together with you and your staff over the entire design process, starting from the analysis of your product all the way to the end. Their design automation services include verification, design, simulation and manufacturing preparation. 

At Cad Crowd, we have created a vibrant community that includes hundreds of design experts from every corner of the world. If you are looking for the best designers, this is the place to be. Our job is to set up a connection between our clients and proven freelancer. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a fortune to use their services. Feel free to share the details about your project. We will assess your goals, needs and requirements and help you get in touch with a quality design automation expert. 





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