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I am James Lee working as a Structural Steel Engineering Consultant and designer at Outsourcing Steel Detailing. We provide high quality and cost effective Engineering services to worldwide clients. for more information please visit us at
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Matthew Burden
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Since 2006, The Burden Company has been able to provide its customers with top quality drawings at competitive prices. Our team is dedicated to be there for our every clients need. Our process is simple, you provide the sketch, old plan, or list of needs. We will then work with you to provide you with a set of plans. We specialize in residential and light commercial drafting. We can do anything from creating a simple detail to a complete set of construction documents. Our owner, Matthew Burden, obtained a bachelor's degree from the New England Institute of Technology with a major in Architectural Building/ Engineering Technology. He has experience in both residential and commercial construction, being responsible for the design of approximately 50 homes in the greater Taunton area, and commercial detailing for companies throughout New England.
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