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Welcome to Cad Crowd, an online freelance design community that has the ultimate talent for architectural rendering and other activities related to architecture. We connect clients with freelance architectural rendering specialists to create the best rendering for your new project. Cad Crowd makes it easier than ever to find top-tier freelancers online. Leave any dilemmas about hiring online aside and use the services of the best architectural rendering freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Architectural rendering, also known as an architectural illustration, is the process of making 2D images or animations displaying the attributes and characteristics of a future architectural design. In order to achieve something like this, our designers use computer-generated renderings of fully 3D models. Computer generated renderings are realistic two-dimensional representations of a 3D model that accurately simulate lighting, texture, reflection, and other physical properties, resulting in highly realistic images that can be viewed on screens, posters, or paper. There are many different architectural rendering techniques and an experienced designer should be familiar with all of them.

As we have already mentioned, these renderings are typically made for presentation, design analysis, and marketing purposes. We will now highlight some of the most common types of architectural renderings – floor plans, virtual tours, still renderings, 3D walkthroughs, panoramic renderings, renovation renderings, light and shadow study renderings, real-time 3D renderings, photo-realistic renderings etc. Generally speaking, 3D renderings are very important when it comes to real estate development projects. With their help, people can also sound decisions related to the design before the building is built. This is a great way to make experiments with the visual aspects of a building and its overall design. 

High-quality renders are also invaluable tools for impressing investors, partners, and potential buyers. While sketches can be great, a photorealistic 3D render can really pull an audience into the place, long before anything is actually built. 

Before 3D computer modeling, designers have created renderings like this manually. Some of the best designers like the ones found on Cad Crowd are capable of making renderings manually too. They can use markers, watercolor, acrylics, color pencils and pen and ink. Of course, their focus is put on the use of computer software for this design. Digital files have many benefits over hard-copy documents, including ease of editing, storage, replication, and distribution.

Cad Crowd’s designers are ready to work closely with every client and work with you step-by-step through this complex process. When you hire them, you can rest assured that they will be there for you from the start to the end. We have already mentioned that architectural rendering is applied in different situations. Regardless of your needs, our designers are prepared to help you. 

At Cad Crowd, we have a well-organized community of more than 12.000 designers from different countries. We have one main goal – to help clients establish connections with proven and skilled freelancers. They provide their architectural rendering services at a reasonable price, much cheaper than ordinary design companies. You can also send us more details about your project so our experts can analyze your needs. After that, we will provide a suggestion for the best freelancers we have for the job. 

Pablo Gosso
Pablo Gosso AR in Buenos Aires
Member Since: 2014-08-12
CG artist 2d and 3d visualization guru Industrial Designer with 12+ years of experience in I+D, Consumer products design, I have a degree in Industrial Designer from Buenos Aires University. I have a great knowledge in 3d software, 3d modeling, and digital image production, retouching and composition both for stills images and animations. I'm also capable of designing from scratch any product or idea concept you may have and produce multimedia material for your presentations, patent drawings or just for attracting possible investment to your project. I'm a hard worker, always trying to fulfill client expectations with good and compelling design. I'm always looking forward for the next challenge. My Experience I have worked as an outsourcing partner for: Knoll Herman Miller Steelcase Teknion Grassstitcher and many more... My area of expertise: Industrial design, 3d modeling and 2D documentations for manufacturing patent files. Architectural 3d modeling and rendering. Vector images composer. Technical diagrams. Infographies Software skills: Solidworks Rhinoceros 3dsmax Vray Adobe Suite Area Covered: Worldwide Employees: 1 Work Experience Summary: Outsourcing partner of industrial design products, 3d modeling, rendering and drafter for: Knoll (USA) Office furniture Herman Miller (USA) Office furniture Steelcase (USA/Canada) Office furniture Teknion (USA/Canada)Office furniture (USA) Gardening products (USA) Furniture retail Outsourcing partner for CE products: Packaging design: K1 packaging group(USA) Packaging design and manufacturers Architectural rendering, Real state plans, (Argentina) Industrial design & Architectural rendering (USA/Argentina) Architectural rendering advisors. (Argentina) Architectural rendering, developers Full time freelancer architectural rendering, modeler Education Summary: Industrial designer with university degree from Buenos Aires university. (1998-2004)
494 points
noArch MY in Klang
Member Since: 2017-01-28
Currently a 2nd year architecture student, I'm willing to take any job involving building exterior/interior designing,drafting, post rendering etc, for a nominal price as long as its not too intricate. Looking for freelance jobs solely for experience and to expand my portfolio
241 points
Member Since: 2014-03-20
Dobrivoje Milosavljević - Co-Founder of DIN 3 Architects. Born in Pančevo. Graduated from the Architectural Engineering Department of "Vojislav Ilić” High School in Belgrade and further from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) – Faculty of Architecture, with Master of Architecture degree in architectural engineering. As early as in the course of his studies, Dobrivoje has acquired work experience in architecture, as well as awards. Dobrivoje gained his first professional experience as architectural technician in the international building design company “DATONG”. The projects included: a hotel, apartments and restaurants in Russia. In later years he has worked on Belgrade University project on rebuilding and conservation of medieval buildings of Mount Athos, Greece. After completing his studies, Dobrivoje started working as a freelance architect on projects of interior design for apartments and houses(from design to finishing work). The most recent work included complete exterior and interior design with the details for small scale residential buildings consisting of 8 luxury apartments and an underground car park in the Belgrade city centre. He also worked as set designer assistant for the largest play production in 2015 at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade (The Čarnojević Diary) and the largestdrama play production in 2016 at the National Theatre in Belgrade (Mary Stuart). Honours and awards: ​ 1. SERBIAN MINISTRY OF DIASPORA Competition - 1st prize (April 2007) 2. BEST SMALL FLAT Competition - 1st prize (August 2006) 3. PHYSARCH INT'L Competition - 1st prize, 4-member team (March 2006)​
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Rufus Edmondson
Rufus Edmondson GB in London
Member Since: 2016-07-18
I am a young architect / designer about to qualify with a significant amount of experience within architectural design, product and jewelry design, specialising in 2d / 3d drawing, modelling and visualisation. I work within rhino, grasshopper and cad, and photoshop / v-ray in order to produce detailed 2d and 3d drawings / visualisations. Please take a look at my online portfolio : I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Rufus
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Ezz Aldeen Ahmad
Ezz Aldeen Ahmad EG in Cairo
Member Since: 2017-05-04
Hi. I am an architect with experience in Architectural Design ( Exterior and Interior Design ) , urban design , site planning , construction drawings and shop drawings as well as Architectural Visualization and Presentation Skills with programs such as: - Autocad 2D - 3Ds Max - Google Sketchup - Adobe Photoshop - GIS - Lumion
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Liza Concepcion
Member Since: 2015-09-11
I am a freelance architect with over twelve years experience in architectural design and documentation for residential, commercial and industrial projects. I love Building Information Modeling and have chosen ArchiCAD as my BIM tool of choice, although I am also highly proficient in Revit, Sketchup and traditional CAD using AutoCAD.
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thecad IN in Gurgaon
Member Since: 2015-10-03
we are the highly talented group of cad designers having 10 or more year working experience in different fields related to architecture, landscape, interior designing, plumbing and other services.
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Werner Coelho
Werner Coelho BR in Fortaleza
Member Since: 2015-10-20
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AnjaK HR in Zagreb
Member Since: 2016-04-18
I am a young architect with experience in a diverse range of projects, including urban planning, sports, residential, hospitality, healthcare, interior and other types of design. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself and I see every new job as an opportunity to learn and improve both my creativity and skills. I received a Master Engineer of Architecture Degree from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture in 2010. During college, I worked for architecture and urban planning firm on master plans for various Croatian towns, for interior design firm on interior design for nightclubs, restaurants and coffee bars and for 3d modeling firm on drawing architectural 3D models for rendering. After graduating, I spent three years in Zagreb designing sports architecture, mostly tennis halls in Russia, Georgia and Kazakhstan. I achieved my Croatian architects licence in 2013. I collaborate with other architectural studios on architectural competitions and work for various private clients, mostly on interior remodeling.
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Jordon Hynes
Jordon Hynes CA in Thunder Bay
Member Since: 2017-01-03
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