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Cad Crowd is the place where people can find the best professionals for architectural models. Our job is to connect each of our clients with an expert freelance architectural modeling designer capable of creating the best models for your project. You can rest assured that your architectural models will meet all your needs, requirements and expectations. Leave all the dilemmas about online hiring aside and hire the best professional architectural modeling freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Architectural models are used for physical display and representation of any architectural design. These models are one of the most important elements during the design stage, planning, and approval stage and in some cases during a fundraising stage. Thanks to a good 3D architectural model created by a talented designer, you will be able to let others see and understand the proportion and scale of the proposed project. Renderings can be confusing or limited in some instances, and this is why architectural models are so valuable. They are perfect for large planning approvals and for helping to convey the values inherent in the design.

Hiring an experienced designer like the ones from Cad Crowd is your best option whenever you need a good architectural model. A reliable designer should be able to work on a wide range of model mediums like chipboard models, basswood models, foam models, foam core models and even on 3D printed models. This complex process begins with an analysis of 2D scaled drawings that are turned into proper models. In the end, you will get a precise replica of the architectural design.

 Architectural models allow simpler visualization in 3D.. In this way everyone that is interested in the project can understand the scope of a construction/building project and analyze the layout. Additionally, there are many companies that use these models as an efficient sales tool. Potential donors and investors will be impacted by a good 3D model of a building project too. These models make the future projects look more real and more serious. Finally, architectural models are often used in the construction approval and permit process. Of course, if you want to feel all these benefits then you must look for architectural modeling services provided by experienced specialists in this field.

We have designers that are ready to work with the clients through this process, from the beginning to the end. They can work on different model mediums and create incredible 3D projections. If you want to get outstanding results, then you must work with outstanding designers.

At Cad Crowd, we have built a community that includes thousands of CAD  design specialists (including architectural modeling) from every part of our planet. Cad Crowd establishes connections between clients and top-rated freelancers providing top-notch services at reasonable price. You won’t be able to find such services if you ask an ordinary design firm for help. Let us learn more about your project. We will assess the needs and requirements you have and we will provide a free quote. 

Raluca Harpa
Member Since: 2013-04-12
ARCHITECT Expert in: residential architecture( 8 years), interior design( 6 years). Advanced in: landscape design( 2 years), furniture design( 2 years). TAILOR-made SMART design solutions with good sense for proportion, colour and texture.
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Member Since: 2014-04-08
I started my cad drafting career in telecommunications drafting inside outside plant cable designs for Sprint, Siemens, and Time Warner. I started drafting early during my junior high school years earning awards at the trade fairs. Major clients for campus installs where Bowling Green University, Kent State, placed fiber optic installs in eastern southern and western Ohio. I then started working for architects in central and northern Ohio gaining experience in commercial, health care, and residential, construction. I then freelance mechanical, electrical and architectural drafting services to clients in central Ohio and the east coast of Texas. I also with a team designed automated assembly lines for the tire industry Firestone, BF Goodrich, Goodyear. The tire plants where located in the US Mexico and Canada. I also draft additions, house plans, and renovations for local builders I submitted the plans to codes and permits for approval when tasked to do so. During the 80’s I was an armor tank crewman in the United States Army. I grew up in the construction trades my father was a contractor I also did and still do on occasion contract construction in central Ohio.
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angel consultancy
Member Since: 2015-02-05
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Member Since: 2014-03-20
Dobrivoje Milosavljević - Co-Founder of DIN 3 Architects. Born in Pančevo. Graduated from the Architectural Engineering Department of "Vojislav Ilić” High School in Belgrade and further from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) – Faculty of Architecture, with Master of Architecture degree in architectural engineering. As early as in the course of his studies, Dobrivoje has acquired work experience in architecture, as well as awards. Dobrivoje gained his first professional experience as architectural technician in the international building design company “DATONG”. The projects included: a hotel, apartments and restaurants in Russia. In later years he has worked on Belgrade University project on rebuilding and conservation of medieval buildings of Mount Athos, Greece. After completing his studies, Dobrivoje started working as a freelance architect on projects of interior design for apartments and houses(from design to finishing work). The most recent work included complete exterior and interior design with the details for small scale residential buildings consisting of 8 luxury apartments and an underground car park in the Belgrade city centre. He also worked as set designer assistant for the largest play production in 2015 at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade (The Čarnojević Diary) and the largestdrama play production in 2016 at the National Theatre in Belgrade (Mary Stuart). Honours and awards: ​ 1. SERBIAN MINISTRY OF DIASPORA Competition - 1st prize (April 2007) 2. BEST SMALL FLAT Competition - 1st prize (August 2006) 3. PHYSARCH INT'L Competition - 1st prize, 4-member team (March 2006)​
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Rufus Edmondson
Member Since: 2016-07-18
I am a young architect / designer about to qualify with a significant amount of experience within architectural design, product and jewelry design, specialising in 2d / 3d drawing, modelling and visualisation. I work within rhino, grasshopper and cad, and photoshop / v-ray in order to produce detailed 2d and 3d drawings / visualisations. Please take a look at my online portfolio : http://rufusedmondson.wix.com/rufusedmondson I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Rufus
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Member Since: 2014-11-29
3D Modeler with 12 years on the job. Drafting, Design, Shop Drawings, and 3D modeling for a steel fabrication / manufacturing company. Highly motivated with attention to detail. Other skills include any computer related material, PLC automation, some Java programming.
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Member Since: 2016-07-11
Hi, am an Architect with 34 years old, I like to develop complex designs and large scale projects. For many years I am developing my skills in Digital 3D-Design. I try to handle many work tools to perform my work, such as:3ds Max, AutoCad, Zbrush, Photoshop,Unreal Engine 4, After Effects, Substance Painter2 and other programs.I'm always looking to learn and continue to evolve in my work to achieve better results. Write me anytime.
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T. Davidson
Member Since: 2014-02-16
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Member Since: 2015-10-11
I am a Certified Autodesk Revit Architecture Designer with 7 years experience in Architecture and producing shop and documentations drawings. To Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents. Able to deliver accurate model and can handle stressful projects and deadlines. I can create parametric families, topo, massing and templates/titleblocks. I have been part of one of the top architectural firm in the Philippines in their Production team in the past 3 years.
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Member Since: 2015-12-22
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