Hire Freelance Aircraft Design Experts

Aircraft design greatly contributes to the improvement of air transportation, but not everyone can take part in this process. An extensive knowledge of physics, engineering, aircraft structure, and other areas is required, along with a deep understanding of safety protocols and passenger comfort and the ability to work within physical and economic limits.

Because of this, many airline manufacturers feel that they can approach only traditional design firms when they need help with their projects. But, if you feel the same way, take note that this isn’t really the case since you can always hire  aircraft design freelancers from Cad Crowd. 

Working with our freelancers can product the same great results as hiring design firms. You’ll get the same level of customer service and work with skillful and knowledgeable people who have years of experience in the industry. The difference is that you won’t pay as much: obtaining freelance aircraft design solutions is much cheaper than hiring a traditional firm, which means you’ll enjoy high-quality services at a lower cost. It’s greatly helpful if you need the help of experts but would like to reduce your overheads.

There are many places to look for freelancers, but one of the best places to start is Cad Crowd. We have a large network of engineers, drafting technicians, and CAD designers from all around the world, and they’re familiar with a wide range of 3D CAD software and can work with the program of your choice. Our freelancers have experience in both small and large projects and will work with you whether you need one-time assistance or are looking for long-term help. You can hire our designers on a one-on-one basis or integrate them in your existing team — the choice is up to you!

To get your project started, simply browse through our list of freelancers, explore their profiles, and choose those whom you think have the right skills and expertise. 

If you don’t have the time to choose a designer, or if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry since you can leave it up to us. Just submit your project for a free quote. Let us know about the details of your project, and we’ll select a vetted freelancer who will provide you with an excellent design and finish the project on time and within your specified budget. 

Start looking for the right freelancer or contact us to learn more about our services!


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Whether our clients’ needs are based on organizational growth, consolidation, modernization or the desire for a more environmentally friendly, efficient and inspiring working environment, they can feel confident that we will work with them every step of the way until the project is completed to their satisfaction. Services Provided We offer a comprehensive list of services, including: - Test fits + building assessments - Conceptual development - Technical drawing - Site + project supervision - Workplace guidelines - 3D Modeling - Furniture specification + selection - Sustainable design - Way-finding - Accessories (artwork, plants)
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I believe, my ability to think out of the box enables me to challenge myself, and the most fundamental concepts. My experience in benchmarking prevalent analysis tools (Ansys / Nastran) by coding in MATLAB ensures my analysis is not constrained by commercial analysis tools. I’m confident that my skills and passion for industry are a perfect match to the company looking for a motivating Designer. I hold a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Sydney and have worked as Senior Design Engineer for Larsen & Toubro's Technology Development Centre that caters to the conglomerate's Aerospace division. After which, I worked as a design and development engineer for Bauer GMBH. I look forward for an opportunity to work on projects where I can improve my skills and strengths with the accomplishment of the clients goals and objective.
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I am an innovator and a problem solver with a passion for clean energy and lean engineering. I love to come up with innovative solutions that can positively impact our world and its energy crisis. "We can't change our future but we can create it", Ankur Jain Specialties: Battery Systems,Aircraft Design and Performance optimization, CAD/CAM CATIA V5, OML design, Alternative energy, BMS design and Electric and Hybrid Aircraft/vehicles design and optimization, VAWT Wind Turbine Optimization, Generator Design and Optimization
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I am a seasoned mechanical designer with a unique mix of skills including; Computer Aided Design & Drafting; manufacturing and quality engineering; and as a mechanical and electronic technician. I strive for designs that are robust and easy to manufacture, assemble and verify. I aim to follow the principles of DFX (Design for Excellence).
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