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Cad Crowd is a world-renowned freelance platform where people can find the best talent for air conditioning design. We will gladly connect any client with freelance air conditioning experts capable of developing the ultimate design for your new product. We have designers that are experienced, tested, trained and qualified. This is the reason why we believe that they will get the job done in the right way and in a timely manner. Eliminate all the hassles associated with online hiring by establishing connections with well-known air conditioning freelancers from Cad Crowd.

Air conditioning, also known as A/C or AC, is a term used to describe a process in which heat is removed from a closed space. As a result of that, the air in this space is much cooler and usually less humid. It’s good to point out that air conditioning is utilized in commercial and domestic buildings. The main objective of this process is to provide a better interior environment for people and pets. But, in many cases, air conditioning is used to dehumidify and cool rooms packed with electronic devices that generate heat like power amplifiers, computer servers, etc. 

The best air conditioning design services are here to make a design that suits the needs and requirements of every client. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about multiple air conditioning units or a single split AC, with the help of the right design, you will know that you will get the most from this system. The process of air conditioning design includes digital calculation of heat loss and gain for homes and businesses.

Air conditioning design relies on CAD (Computer Aided Design). Most of the air conditioning contractors are creating one size fits all solutions, but we the freelancers on Cad Crowd you can’t expect something like that. They will create a system based on their knowledge and expertise and with your needs in mind. They will find the right size and shape for the system too. It’s good to highlight the fact that new buildings and existing buildings need different things, but a good AC freelancer should be able to find the perfect solution for any situation.

All Cad Crowd designers are prepared to work with you throughout this complex design process. Each of them will be glad to inform you about the progress they’ve made from the initial stage when they will assess and analyze the future product to the end when they will provide the files. Air conditioning design services include may different activities and our designers can help you with all these activities.

Cad Crowd has a strong community that consists of thousands of reliable, professional designers from every corner of our planet. Cad Crowd has one mission – to connect clients with high-quality freelancers. We provide air conditioning design services at affordable rates. Feel free to send more info about your project. Our experts will assess your requirements and give you a free quote. Speed up the design process by using Cad Crowd’s help. 


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An organized and detail-oriented manager looking for possibilities to expand my outlook and my goals. Strong organizational, technical and analytical skills. Impeccable research, time management and problem solving skills, coming from years working on engineering firms as a Model administrator and IT consultant, and as a General Manager.
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Mario Constancio
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Morte F.
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I’m an MEP engineer living in Sydney, Australia. I have 16 years of experience in this field. Often I work on my jobs using Cad, however, I’m an expert in other programs such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, 3Ds max, Sketchup, Visio, Ansys, Archicad, Rhino and etc. I use them for designing and planning mechanical and material objects, although I have great experience in planning, designing and calculating HVAC systems. I can help you in any project you need to be completed, especially if it needs planning and sketching by the above-mentioned programs. I completed my first project in 2004 when I was 29 but since that time I have improved my skills. In 2006, I worked with an engineering team for building an apartment in the capital of Australia. In 2010, I entered into an architectural project as the team leader. About 4 years ago, I have focused on my own business concentrating on my fields of expertise. Recently, one of my best friends advised me to look into CadCrowd as a freelancer and I accepted that advice. Now, I’m interested in this site and I look forward to a brilliant future for me and especially for my clients.
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Mike Baucom
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Hello, my name is Mike Baucom. I am seeking freelance 3d and 2d design and drafting work. I have over 5 years of experience in drafting/design, prototyping, and product development. Below is a more detailed summary. SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE • 5 Years’ experience in the following fields below.• Junior Electrical Engineer, and 3D Drafting and design specializing in Offshore and Hazardous Location Environmental Control Units, Air Conditioners, Pressurizers, Gas Scrubbers, and Purge Units.• Time served in both electrical engineering and in a production factory setting as well as field service work performing trouble shooting, installation, and maintenance of electrical and HVAC systems.• Onsite with the end user and customers during their Factory Acceptance Testing and Evaluation.• Designing and Balancing brand new refrigeration systems.• Extensive experience in examining and testing elements of electrical systems to locate and troubleshoot faults with Electro-Mechanical, PLC, and VFD controls.• Proficient in installing new and modified electrical wiring and devices.• Technical sales experiences when speaking face to face with customers usually resulting in quotes and/or estimates to be generated.• Hands on experience in performing predictive and preventive maintenance.• Highly skilled in installing and wiring motors and motor control devices such as disconnects, relays, contactors and VFDs.• Thorough knowledge and understanding of applied trade practices and techniques such as NFPA 496, NEC 500, NEC 505.• Computer Skills include but not limited to all of Microsoft office, SolidWorks 2016, AutoCAD Inventor 2015, AutoCAD 2004-2013, and Adobe Suite.
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Darren McMahon
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Darren is a MEP engineer (Electrical bias) with 14 years experience in the Building Services Industry, 10 of these years working at senior to management level. He has worked for a range of international engineering design and construction companies in the UK, Middle East and South East Asia. His project experience covers a wide range of sectors including; Commercial, Hotels & Resorts, Healthcare, Education, Mixed Use Developments, Security, High Rise, Industrial, Water Treatment Plants and Residential. Project process roles have been in both design and project management, from concept design, design development, detailed design through to project completion.
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I am Mechanical Engineer. I Project Air Conditioning systems.
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