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Aeronautical Engineering is a design field focused on the creation and development of various parts for spacecrafts and aircrafts. It’s basically divided into 2 branches that overlap one another. This includes astronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering. The former is all about focusing on rocket design and creation, whereas aeronautical engineering is all about creating designs for airplanes and other flying crafts.

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But why do you need aeronautical engineering services? Unlike regular vehicles, most of the flight vehicles have to deal with a wide array of changes in the atmospheric temperature and pressure. This can bring in a lot of pressure on the structural load of the vehicle components. This means you will have to work with vetted aeronautical engineers that will offer a durable and quality design. 

What type of engineering and tech disciplines are involved here? Quite a lot of them actually. Starting with avionics, material science, manufacturing and aerodynamics, structural analysis — all of these are a vital part of the aeronautical engineering process. With so much at stake with these kinds of projects, it's critical that you work with talented and experienced designers. 

For the past decade, most aeronautical engineering designs have been created via computers, mainly because they are too complicated and they do require some simulation testing before they are translated into real products. The specialized design software available now provides a range of sophisticated tools to the competent designer, from precision technical drawing capabilities to digital prototyping and materials analysis.

Aeronautical engineers need to take into account things like noise control, aeroacoustics, solid mechanics, aeroelasticity, potential risks, mathematics, dynamics, astrodynamics, electrotechnology, and propulsion. 

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In the end, you will have no problem finding out the best freelance engineers that suit your needs. So, don’t hesitate and check our aeronautical engineering page right away, as here you can access the best services in the business.

mds Design
mds Design GR in Athens
Member Since: 2016-06-15
My name is Michael Dimou , I am Greek and I live in Greece I am a mechanical engineer & designer from Piraeus University of applied science.. Certificate Autodesk : Autocad 2D/3D , Inventor advanced . I have experience to design machines industrial for bottling and packaging , conveyors with belt , furniture . My Graduate thesis to Piraeus University of applied science : "Design of part of the fuselage of a transports cargo aircraft A400M."
609 points
Mansi IN in Mumbai
Member Since: 2014-11-26
I believe, my ability to think out of the box enables me to challenge myself, and the most fundamental concepts. My experience in benchmarking prevalent analysis tools (Ansys / Nastran) by coding in MATLAB ensures my analysis is not constrained by commercial analysis tools. I’m confident that my skills and passion for industry are a perfect match to the company looking for a motivating Designer. I hold a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from University of Sydney and have worked as Senior Design Engineer for Larsen & Toubro's Technology Development Centre that caters to the conglomerate's Aerospace division. After which, I worked as a design and development engineer for Bauer GMBH. I look forward for an opportunity to work on projects where I can improve my skills and strengths with the accomplishment of the clients goals and objective.
181 points
Pamelazaldumbide ES in Madrid
Member Since: 2014-04-24
I am a Materials Engineer, plastic specialized with a master in CAD/CAE/CAD design, working for 5 years long in the aeronautical field
123 points
MechRobust IN in Jodhpur
Member Since: 2016-08-25
Business name: MechRobust Company name: VBMI INDIA OPC PVT. LTD. MechRobust is a small company that provides professional engineering and product design services for those who have the ambition to turn their ideas into reality. You give solutions, answers and show a clear path to our clients because we also want to see their products in the market. Mission MechRobust’s mission is to serve clients across the world with structural engineering services and design for all types of products, from concept planning through to completion, with a highly skilled and experienced professional team. Why us: 1. We provide professional and quality services on time and on the budget. 2. We develop a follow-up strategy to gauge performance with all clients. 3. We implement and maintain a quality control and assurance policy. Company Future We aim to establish our brand over the world. We plan to expand into 3D printing services, games, and animation design.
45 points
Armin Yousefi Kanani
Member Since: 2014-10-13
I am a Mechanical Engineer with over 3 years professional experience.I am currently doing my PhD at Lancaster University. I'm trained engineer in technical areas and aspects of engineering including Composite Materials, Structural Impact, Damage of Composite Materials, Delamination of Composite Materials, Failure Analysis Finite Element Simulation and mechanical software (Solidworks, Ansys workbench and APDL, Nx-Nastaran, AutoCAD and Programming). https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Armin_Yousefi_Kanani?ev=hdr_xprf https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=158630457&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile_pic Check my youtube channel for more tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/c/Arminyousefikanani Full ACP tutorial in my page in udemy: https://www.udemy.com/ansys-tutorial/?couponCode=GRABCADVIEWER Accepting Project: http://www.peopleperhour.com/freelancer/armin/freelance-cad-technician/1241954
30 points
Aaron Rdgz
Aaron Rdgz MX in Chihuahua
Member Since: 2014-07-11
I am an Aeronautical Engineer graduated from Universidad Politecnica de Chihuahua, with experience in many areas such as 3D modeling, engineering design, and programming in languages such as VBScript, C++, Matlab and CATIA’s CATscript which is useful in the automation of simulation and modeling of parts processes. I am experienced in manufacturing activities such as welding, cutting and metalworking, Mechanical, Fluid and Frequency Analysis using Finite Element Method software like ANSYS, NASTRAN PATRAN, SIEMENS NX and SOLIDWORKS.
30 points
Rajesh Sekar
Rajesh Sekar IN in Bangalore
Member Since: 2015-06-01
I am leading team of engineering services in the filed of aerospace, automotive, medical devices and electronics industry. We team able to handle CAE works like (Concept creation,Design,Product life management, FEM,CFD,designing and drafting). We have good intellectual skill, and able understand things better.
16 points
Kathiravan IN in Bengaluru
Member Since: 2016-07-31
> 4.5 Years of experience in Product design and development, Detailing includes Aerospace and Automotive industry product > Successfully completed various engineering assignments based on the analysis and internal structural design of manufactured products. > Extensive Knowledge on UAVs, Assembly fixtures, Aerospace special testing lab equipment’s, Fiber Composites and its orientation > Fundamental knowledge of assembly and manufacturing processes as well as diverse measuring and testing equipment > Ability to work under pressure and adapt to dynamic environments
15 points
Tazo J
Tazo J GE in Tbilisi
Member Since: 2015-11-01
Welcome Dear Customer, You've landed on a right spot! The commitment I'm giving you - I will find the solution to your complex problem and you will get a highest possible quality job on your projects. And, here is the why... I'm an Aerospace / Mechanical Engineer for 20+ years now. As a mechanical engineer during whole career my job was to develop/design complex applications "from the scratch". Unlike one with only modern CAD application knowledge or just drafting as you might know the design "from the scratch" involves much broader knowledge and understanding of design engineering principals and approaches, problem understanding and handling in an optimal way, fast turn around and many more... The Aerospace Engineering in this part of the world includes strong background in various disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis. So, the fields of my expertise and proven experience include - 1. Aerospace / Mechanical Engineer for 20+ years. 2. Expertise in CATIA. 3. Expertise in SolidWorks. 4. Expertise in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). 5. Expertise in Thermal Analysis 6. Expertise in FEA (Finite Element Analysis). 7. Expertise in Kinematics / Motion Analysis. Currently I'm a 100% freelancer holding the Top Rated badge at the world's one of the leading freelancing resource. Having already accomplished hundreds of hours on hourly projects and many more with fixed price projects and continuing. I'm specifically oriented on completing the complex projects in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Flow Analysis, Finite Element Analysis. Dear Customer, be rest assured: Have the project to be successful - I Will Find The Solution!
7 points
Rizul Thakur
Rizul Thakur IN in Noida
Member Since: 2015-09-09
Rizul did his B. Tech in Mechanical and Automation .During his college life Rizul was President of robotics club and has actively participated, organized and won many events both inter and intra amity. Rizul has been working as a freelancer since 2012 and has successfully completed more then 50+ engineering design projects and has a diverse design knowledge in mechanical, aerospace, civil and electronics domain. He has also published many research papers in mechanical domain.
5 points