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Welcome to Cad Crowd, the platform where you will find the best professional for application programming interface. We connect clients with freelance API experts capable of creating the best design for their new project and product. We have designers and other types of professionals that are carefully tested, pre-trained, and pre-qualified. We're sure that these professionals will not only meet but also exceed your needs. Leave the guesswork out of online hiring by connecting with top-rated professional API freelancers from Cad Crowd.

API, or application programming interface, is a computer programming term. It describes a set of specific subroutine protocols, definitions, and tools for creating application software. To put it simply, API is a set of specific means of communication between different software elements. So, with the help of a well-designed API people can easily design and develop a computer program because API can deliver all the necessary building blocks for a task like this. API specification comes in different forms, but usually, these specs are for data structures, routines, variables, object classes and remote calls. 

APIs make much easier for developers to utilize specific technologies in building apps. By relying on abstraction for the implementation process and simply highlighting actions and/or objects the developer requires, APIs lowers the cognitive load. APIs are used in libraries and frameworks,  and operating systems and as Web APIs and Remote APIs.

For example, an API can determine the interface created for an app and a specific OS. In addition, it is worth mentioning that APIs are usually associated with software libraries. The API is here to prescribe and describe the typical behavior or a specification and the library serves for a complete implementation of the specific set of rules. One API can be implemented numerous times in different libraries that come with the same programming interface. Furthermore, Web APIs are defined interfaces that allow interactions between applications and enterprises. Finally, Remote APIs let developers alter remote resources via protocols. 

The design of APIs seriously affects their usability. This is one of the most important elements of software architecture that can be created only by experienced professionals in this field.

Cad Crowd is proud of its designers that are prepared to work with literally every client over the entire course of this unique design process. They will inform you about their intentions and their progress from the start to the end. API design services are covering a wide range of activities, but our designers are prepared to help you regardless of your requirements.

At Cad Crowd, we were able to develop a strong community which includes thousands of highly-skilled design specialists from every corner of our planet. It’s our goal to link clients with vetted freelancers. These pros are offering their API services at prices that are lower from the ones offered by conventional design agencies. Submit additional information about your project and we will send a free suggestion after analyzing your project’s needs.


tsalpha US in Brookfield
Member Since: 2012-05-14
Pattern Maker by trade, since 1981, specializing in the pump/impeller industry.  I have 15 years experience creating 3D models for manufacturing using the latest CAD/CAM software.  I also have a Faro digitizing arm for reverse engineering.  Design experience includes, converting 2D legacy blueprints into 3D models, design of  tooling for the casting industry, mold design for injection molding industries, and design of one off prototypes for R&D. 
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Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel IN in Ahmedabad
Member Since: 2012-07-31
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Eliv8Design Ltd.
Member Since: 2013-03-17
Eliv8Design Ltd is a provider of professional design services geared towards developing compelling inventions, products and brands. Our unique perspective and understanding of how design impacts all elements of an invention, enables us to routinely develop successful products. We have successfully designed products in the fields of house wares, consumer goods, health and fitness, electronics and industrial markets. Regardless of your location or invention development phase, Eliv8Design Ltd can take your product to the next level. Pooling experience from over a decade of innovative invention development, Eliv8Design Ltd has the skills to bring your project to new heights of success. Our designers have degrees in design and/or engineering as well as years of experience in consumer product development in multiple markets. Ensure your products success by creating your product's design the right way. The engineering phase of product development focuses on validating, perfecting and preparing the invention design for production. Our engineers are degree professionals experienced in developing products and they work hand-in-hand with our Industrial Designers to ensure your design intent is carried throughout the entire process. All designs are captured in 3D CAD which is utilized for simulation, prototyping and manufacturing. Virtual Prototypes are highly effective for certain promotional aspects, but many inventors pursing licensing or large-scale distribution deals require physical samples. To do this, get your idea produced, sampled and sold with Eliv8Design Ltd. From a single working prototype to small batch production, Eliv8Design Ltd has all of your invention prototype needs covered.
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Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez GB in Bristol
Member Since: 2016-01-12
I’m a product/industrial designer and engineer with a BA in Industrial Design (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico) and an MSc in Integrated Product Design (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands). I have experience working in 4 different countries (Mexico, India, Netherlands & UK). I like to work in projects that are exciting, challenging and meaningful. I don’t want to stagnate working in the same thing over and over. I like to be dynamic, always changing, staying out of my comfort zone. I learn fast and well, I’m adventurous, entrepreneurial, and trust my guts, I like to do, build, repair, tweak, mod, carve, mill, cut, sand, and of course create. I like technology, electronics, and software. I love sports, especially football. I love arts, especially music & films. I play & build electric guitars, and I love everything that has to do with it (amps, effects, accessories, etc.). I’m sociable, relaxed and playful, but serious and committed. I like long lasting relations with people. I am lucky to have many acquaintances, many friends, many best friends, and even people I consider family (non-blood related). I try to constantly increase my social circle.
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Greenwald US in coconut creek
Member Since: 2014-02-17
My name is Jonathan Greenwald, and I am a 28 year old New Product Development engineer who has been working in the Medical Device industry for approximately 7 years. I have a Bachelors Degree in Materials Science and Engineering (University of Florida MSE), a Masters degree in Medical Device and Diagnostic Engineering (University of Southern California MDDE), and am currently working on my Masters in Business Administration (University of Florida).
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Three Axis
Three Axis AU in Brisbane
Member Since: 2013-06-29
CAPABILITIES • Ideation • Concept Development • Facility layout initiation and co-ordination. • Client liaison for the purpose of collaborative design. • Design optimisation to incorporate value-adding criteria. • Application of mining and heavy industry experience. • Contribution of mining experience both underground and open cut operations including infrastructure and processing plants. • Experience with preparation of tender submissions, technical and financial evaluations. • Technical writing including operations and maintenance manuals, spare parts inventory and stores management systems equipment data sheets, technical specifications and design criteria. • Preparation of studies, reports and technical documents. • Management, project engineering, administration, procurement, planning and scheduling.
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Design-for-UX US in Dekalb
Member Since: 2016-10-25
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alex mac
alex mac HR in Dubrovnik
Member Since: 2013-03-22
machine engineer by education, have worked in machine parts construction and product design ,prototypes, 3D printing,
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Tomas LT in Panevezys
Member Since: 2013-10-25
Main job specifics is new device and structures design, new technology solutions and realization. Experience with electronic devices, electricity supply to the building, wind and solar power plants, industrial robots, electric cars motors design and development. Like new challenges and experiments!
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Raj Koushik M
Raj Koushik M IN in Chennai
Member Since: 2016-02-17
Design transforms 'Vision to Value'. I am a freelance designer and finite element analyst. I have been doing this successfully for an year now. I believe in sustainable, productive and ergonomic design. I do product/process design and structural, thermal, dynamic and computational fluid dynamic analysis. I also try to make my my design as optimized as possible. I have received the good will of clients for my timely delivery and adequate follow ups.
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