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Cad Crowd makes it easy to connect with 3D models freelancers and more. We want to give you a wide range of possibilities, when it comes to finding the answers you need to your freelance 3D models or any other demands. If your project requires 3D models services, then it stands to reason that you want to work with someone who knows what they are doing. More to the point, you want to work with someone has the kind of experience that can be applied directly to the particulars of your project. The same thought certainly applies to all work with 3D models.

Vetted, pre-qualified, and backed by the Cad Crowd guarantee, 3D models or 3D models freelancers can give you the end result you are looking for. Stop dealing with the elaborate, time-consuming process of finding 3D models freelancers or freelance 3D models. Use Cad Crowd to connect to the professionals you are looking for today.

3D modeling refers to the process of putting together a mathematical representation of a 3D object. Working with specialized software, 3D models services will create realistic 3D models. You can then view these models as a 2D image (or rendering), or in the form of a fully-realized 3D simulation. As an art form, 3D models can create beautiful, extraordinarily realistic characters, stories, and ideas. At the same time, freelance 3D models can also work with manufacturing, or with the various aspects involved in designing a product. 3D printing has only served to drive up the need for 3D models freelancers. Whether you need to work with 3D printing, or if there is some other element to 3D models creation that you need to consider, experienced, vetted freelancers through Cad Crowd is definitely the right way to go.

There are several advantages to working with freelance 3D modeling experts. To begin with, you can utilize these experts in your presentation. Most industries that require strong marketing tools and investor presentation elements can take advantage of 3D models services. In fact, you can find 3D modeling work in a variety of different aspects of numerous industries. Interior design and architecture can take advantage of freelance 3D models. The entertainment industry certainly benefits from freelance 3D work. 3D is also a crucial component in creating new medical devices. Again, 3D printing has become a big deal these days. You can find this element alone in numerous industries. You can find CAD and CAM software in several different areas.


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Make 3D Model is my hobby Just for fun:))
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I Studied Civil Engineering in Dublin Institute of Technology. Studied and Received a BSC in Energy & Environmental Engineering from the Institute of Technology Tallaght. 4 years drawing experience from DBFL CIVIL & STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS, where I worked as an AutoCad Technician. Specialized in Drainage Design, Residential and Commercial Projects and Roads and Infrastructure. I also have worked in other consultancies such as Punch Consulting Engineers and also have experience within Architectural Roles. Currently I work for Hayes Higgins Partnership a Civil, Structural, Mechanical/Electrical and Environmental Consultancy. I specialize in Pyrite Remediation and Storm Water Drainage. I am progressing at the moment in advancing my cad skills and soon will be BIM Qualified, where I will utilize programs such as Revit/V-Ray and Civil 3D in the near future.
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Eliv8Design Ltd.
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Eliv8Design Ltd is a provider of professional design services geared towards developing compelling inventions, products and brands. Our unique perspective and understanding of how design impacts all elements of an invention, enables us to routinely develop successful products. We have successfully designed products in the fields of house wares, consumer goods, health and fitness, electronics and industrial markets. Regardless of your location or invention development phase, Eliv8Design Ltd can take your product to the next level. Pooling experience from over a decade of innovative invention development, Eliv8Design Ltd has the skills to bring your project to new heights of success. Our designers have degrees in design and/or engineering as well as years of experience in consumer product development in multiple markets. Ensure your products success by creating your product's design the right way. The engineering phase of product development focuses on validating, perfecting and preparing the invention design for production. Our engineers are degree professionals experienced in developing products and they work hand-in-hand with our Industrial Designers to ensure your design intent is carried throughout the entire process. All designs are captured in 3D CAD which is utilized for simulation, prototyping and manufacturing. Virtual Prototypes are highly effective for certain promotional aspects, but many inventors pursing licensing or large-scale distribution deals require physical samples. To do this, get your idea produced, sampled and sold with Eliv8Design Ltd. From a single working prototype to small batch production, Eliv8Design Ltd has all of your invention prototype needs covered.
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Kenan Kalamujic
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Greetings. I am Kenan Kalamujic, I am Mechanical Engineer and a CNC operator. I was born in Sarajevo in Bosnia. My fields of experties are drawing techincal blueprints using AutoCAD, Autodesk InventorPRO, CATIA and soon other programs.I believe in quality of work and client relations as the most important aspects of my work. I have 5 years experience as a Engineer and am highly skilled in AutoCAD, Autodesk InventorPRO and CATIA. If hired by you for your jobs and projects I will put in my best work. I am available for hiring right now and can work flexible hours to accommodate your needs and time zone.
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Cameron Keaton
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Peter Sargent
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I am a 3D modeler and designer with over 4 years of experience working in SketchUp and other CAD programs. I create conceptual 3D designs and help individuals and companies transform their ideas, drawings, and concepts into actual 3D models or renders, allowing them to be involved in the design process to ensure that they get exactly the design they want. I can start with sketches, pictures, specifications, or just a description of an idea and I will quickly deliver a complete 3D model at an affordable price, whether the project is large or small.
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Hi! My MAIN goal is satisfied clients. I`m good universal high skilled and experiened engineer and designer.I have experience in: -Architect design. -Interior design -Mechanical design. -Modelling for 3Dprinting. -Producing of metal and plastic parts. I work in such programs: Komaps 3D Solidworks 3D Autodesk 3dsMax Autodesk Maya Photoshop MathCad ESPRIT SpaceClaim LETS CREATE SMTH INCREDIBLE)
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Dmytro Velenets
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Hello My name is Dmytro Velenets i am CAD Jewerly Designer I have more than 5 years experience in this area, you can see it in my portfolio
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alex mac
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machine engineer by education, have worked in machine parts construction and product design ,prototypes, 3D printing,
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