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General FAQ

Cad Crowd is an online CAD resource that helps companies fulfill drafting requirements using global CAD workers.

Buyers post work as a contest, choose a budget and award the payment to the first accurate entry.

We’re an online crowdsourcing community that helps buyers drafting requirements by posting a contest.

Crowdsourcing often refers to using a group to submit work and finish a task that was posted by the crowdsourcer (buyer).

We’re different. Here’s why.

  • Save Money: You get to choose your budget. We’re a savings leader for premium drafting services. On average, we can save you 50-75% over the costs of using a local drafting company.
  • Guaranteed Quality: You get to view approve work before any designer is paid.
  • Consistency: We focus on freelancers in Canada, United States, UK and Australia. This means better quality communication and higher standards of work.

Cad Crowd works great for large projects. When you need help with multiple drawings/designs (ie.100+), we suggest asking freelancers to finish one of your drawings as a sample. Then the best designer would be asked to finish the rest of the drawings.

We recommend that all posted work is pre-paid. Prepaying shows the designers that the buyer is serious about the project.

  • Pre-Paid Post: The buyer can download and view all file submissions immediately.
  • Free Post: The buyer can only view an image of the CAD file and cannot download any files until the payment has been completed.

The difference between crowdsourcing and hiring is that a task is outsourced to a group, rather than an individual (employee/contractor).

Buyer FAQ

Cad Crowd is an online resource that helps companies fulfill drafting requirements with global CAD workers. We’re the perfect solution to help you with all overflow drafting and design work.

We can handle all design and drafting requirements. Our service has the best results for work that can be explained with a project description and file attachments.

We often help with 3D design, photorealistic renderings, file type conversions, detailing, redlines/markups/as-builts, 2D to 3D conversions, raster to vector conversions.

Our network of designers can help with drafting in the following industries:

  • Oil, gas & petroleum
  • Architecture, homebuilding & BIM
  • Product design & prototyping
  • Mechanical design
  • Aerospace & aviation
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical design
  • Tools
  • Machine design
  • Marine & naval
  • Medical
  • Military

Getting started is simple. Click the Get Started button to post work after you have the following:

  • Description/formatting notes
  • Software (ie. AutoCAD)
  • File attachment(s)
  • Budget

Note: For large projects, we suggest asking designers to submit one sample and choosing the designer with the best to finish the rest of the work.

Absolutely. For large projects (ie. 100 drawings), we suggest asking each designer to finish one sample design from your project. Then you can review the samples and choose the best designer to finish your project.

You can even add several prizes if you’d like to split the work up between several freelancers.

We let you choose your own budget. We suggest $15-20/hr (intermediate designer) to $20-$30/hr (senior designer) depending on work complexity. A larger budget will increase the number of designers that submit work. Your budget includes our service fee of 20%, which is deducted from the final prize value.

If you’re not fully satisfied with the quality and accuracy of the work, we’ll issue a full refund within 60-days.

This gives you many more design ideas at a set price than from a traditional CAD firm.

When you paid to post a project, you automatically own all designs submitted for your work, including intellectual property rights.

Our website is encrypted and we have 4 privacy options:

  • Public Project: All web visitors can view a project
  • Private Project: Only registered members can view the project.
  • Invite Only: Only users that have been invited can view your project.
  • Hire Direct: Only the buyer and the invited designer can view your project.

Clients concerned with privacy typically post a small private project (members only) to get an idea of which designer provides the highest standard of work. Then for larger (or sensitive) work, the buyer can use the hire direct option to send work directly to the designer.

Most of our users are freelancers based in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

You can post work for Free, however designers are hesitant to work on larger projects if no deposit has been made (see General FAQ tab for more info).

Alberta Companies: Companies based in Alberta can ask to be invoiced at a later date.

Credit cards are accepted and payment is completed with PayPal. Currency is in United States currency.

Alberta Companies: Alberta-based companies can be invoiced and pay by cheque (post a Free project, then contact support for approval).

The designer will make edits until you’re fully satisfied with the work. We recommend that you ask for all edits before the approving the winning design.

Clients concerned with privacy typically post a small private project (members only) to get an idea of which designer provides the highest standard of work. Then for larger (or sensitive) work, you can use the Hire Direct option to hire one freelancer, ask for the NDA and send the work privately to that person.

We suggest using a popular software like AutoCAD or SolidWorks for your project. More freelancers own the popular software, which means you’ll get more entries, quicker turnaround and you can still get great work results with a lower budget.

Niche software: We’re working hard to build a userbase of niche software designers in software like CADWorx, PDMS, ProCAD, Tekla, etc. Our specialist userbase will continue to improve with time.

If in doubt, we suggest AutoCAD. You can import it into almost all niche CAD software and it will be easy to hire a freelancer to make any edits in the future.

The designers/engineers on Cad Crowd can only stamp for their local area. If your work needs local stamping/approval, we recommend asking a local drafter/engineer to review the submitted work.

Alberta Companies:
We recommend as-built/redline work is reviewed (and preferably posted) by a APEGA member. If needed, we can have our internal drafting team post, review and stamp your drawings (billed hourly).

No. All freelancers are independent contractors and are responsible for their own taxes.

Our goal is to help the you get a CAD design that you love. Here’s some tips for success:

  • Fill out the project description thoroughly; a better description will increase participation from designers and improve the quality of the work.
  • Offer the biggest prize that your budget can handle; a larger budget will attract both quality and quantity in your design entries.
  • Rank the entries on a daily basis. This gives the designers a good idea on where they stand in terms of what you are looking for.
  • Providing good feedback to all contestants; even a brief sentence or two, will help give designers a better idea you are looking for.
  • Select a winner within 7-days of the end of the contest to make sure that you can make final revisions to the design and approve it as soon as possible.

You need to select a winner within 7-days of the end of the contest. In most cases, you’ll know who is going to win ends. If you haven’t selected a winner within 2-weeks, then our support will then be obliged to award the prize for you by selecting a winner based on the existing rankings of the entries. We have this policy to ensure a high level of designer participation for each contest.

Designer FAQ

It’s free to join and there are no membership fees. Fees are automatically deducted from the prize value with the buyer is posting a project.

Signup is easy and takes just a few minutes to get started. An email address, username, password, real name (or business name), and location are required to get started. By completing your profile and uploading sample CAD files, you increase your ranking and give buyers a better idea of your expertise and experience.

Prepaid Prize: A Prepaid Prize contest means the buyer has prepaid the work (buyer can download CAD files).

Payment Pending: A Payment Pending contest means the buyer has not made a deposit for the work (can only view jpg, rather can CAD file). We suggest asking the buyer to prepay large projects before your start work or only completing a small portion of the work as as a sample.

All work on Cad Crowd is a contest and will usually be paid out to the first accurate design entry.

See the difference between Prepaid Prize vs. Payment Pending above.

All prizes are paid through Paypal.

Payment will be made once the final files are uploaded and the buyer approves them. Once approved, you will automatically receive your payment. Be sure to have the correct Paypal email in your account settings.

All of the entries are ranked at the end of the contest by the buyer. Aside from winning the prize, the highest rank design also gets 50 points added to their ranking. Second place gets 40 points, Third place gets 30 points and the rest of the top five also gets 30 points. Each submitted entry gets 5 points, and if the entry is nominated, it gets 20 extra points. Designers who enter a CAD design within 24 hours will get a 5 point “Early Bird” bonus. Your overall ranking is based on the total of all points you receive for all your entries and is calculated in real-time.

If there are no accurate entries for the work, then payment is refunded to the buyer. If a buyer is unresponsive, then we will pay out the prize at our discretion.

  • Mutual respect with all members of the Cad Crowd Community. Use tact when commenting and good judgment when voting.
  • Treat the buyer as your own customer and respect their decisions and requests. Remember, they are the customer and even if they do not know anything about engineering and design, it is their needs that must be met.
  • Let your design speak for itself and do not try to influence buyer decisions by publicly criticizing others in an open forum. Pointing out general design issues while not pointing out a specific entry is acceptable as long as it is done is a respectful manner.
  • Do not use the forums to engage to engage in a grudge match. If you have an issue with another community member, use the private message system to engage them in a professional manner.
  • Trying to make private arrangements with buyers during a contest is strictly forbidden. You are allowed to offer addition services and interact with the buyer after you have won the design contest.
  • You are not allowed to post any messages about any of the entries (yours or other designers) in the Contest Discussion Area.
  • If the design did not come from you, do not post the design.
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