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For Project: Gnome needed for Garden Device

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#12 GnomeBOT Concept V1 by Martin Boillat
Here is my first entry for the GnomeBOT challenge. I tried to make it more of a modern, kind and aesthetically pleasing gnome, instead of a traditional one with only a slight redesign.
I included the ports bay you asked for on the back of the gnome, with the possibility of adding a pannel to hide them all.
I also designed a large cavity inside, which can be used to fit all the needed componements.
The whole structure is optimized for 3D printing, and the LCD housing is integrated on the front side.
I'm awaiting for your feedback,
Jun 22, 2017 15:19
#22 Modern Gnome V2 by Martin Boillat
After a complete rework of my previous creation, here is a brand new gnome model, which follows most of your guidelines. I am aware the overall look is quite simple, as I tried to keep it as modern as possible, but an additional belt or some details can be added if you think they are relevant to make it look more like a garden gnome.
I am still available and hearing forward your feedback,
Jun 25, 2017 15:58
#29 Modern Gnome V3 by Martin Boillat
I started from my last version and added a beard, while keeping the ports bay on the back and the lcd housing on the front.
Jun 27, 2017 9:42
#32 Modern Gnome V4 by Martin Boillat
I made extras minor improvements, such as making the lcd housing appear on the renders, and optimizing the shape for 3D printing (especially in the feet area).
Jun 27, 2017 19:21
#39 GnomeBOT Design V5 by Martin Boillat
Update with a more detailled facial expressing. Also added a belt, resized the LCD screen, and adjusted the symmetry at feet level.
Jun 28, 2017 11:14


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