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#12 Block grabber with functional lock by MR. CAD DESIGNS
Herein i have integrated the functional mechanical ratchet lock assembly in to the grabber, and for now i have uploaded the 3d model and assembly drawing as well. 3d model and the assembly drawing will make it easier to understand the mechanism of lock and unlock.
Animating the entire mechanism parametrically will consume lot of time, thats why i have not submitted it for now. But if i am declared a winner i will definately animate the mechanism , for its core functionality.
Sep 20, 2016 2:08
#9 final lock assembly by MR. CAD DESIGNS
The blue part shows the locking part. Both the renderings and solid model has been attached.
hope this is satiafactorily well
Sep 18, 2016 14:37
#8 mechanical grabber by MR. CAD DESIGNS
Files attached are-Main assembly drawing and rest other drawings are of parts with their dimensions.
if any changes are needed ask for it i will do it.
3d models are attached in my previous submissions
Sep 17, 2016 4:02
#7 mechanical grabber by MR. CAD DESIGNS
suggest the changes to get more better grabber and for more pictures of grabber view my profile
Sep 16, 2016 19:04


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