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For Project: Exercise equipment design
#25 Simple Situps by Nikhil Singh
Try to understand a bit complicated to explain in words.
How to use :
Sit near a wall and place it on your shoes and the straight rectangular part on the wall.Adjust the distance from wall to get a firm grip
How it works:
Shoes try to move up due to which the equipment tries to turn about the bend but because there is rough rubber at other end and it is long in length so equipment doesn't turn about the bend and thus doesn't go up. So shoes are not allowed upper movement.
Cons : Need a structure like a wall , tree or another structure for support.(but can be found easily)
Pros : Single piece!! , easy to carry , can be made foldable , simple to use like plug and play., No hassle of any strap or thinking of shoe size.
Note : I made the pics to explain the concept.The dimensions can be reduced to make it compact .Due to design the materials used need not to be too robust because legs hardly exert any upper force so light and inexpensive material can be used.
Please give your feedback asap. So I can make any changes to suit your needs better.
Thank you
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