Residential Development visualization

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Deadline is March 12.

We have a couple of supplied 3D files about a future home development. They are fairly basic. We would like a designer to take them and create a realistic versions of what it will look like. We don't expect the camera to fly right down a future road and see homes and people walking. but we would like at the very least a low level flythru created. We would require:

1. The files to place the future development in some real aerial video to show people what it might look like from above

2. Flythru of the community.

Here are the 3D files:
We would make a vendor selection on the following: examples of past work using 3D maps or visualization techniques
Don't Wants:
crap graphics
Ask for Sample:
i don't really need this if I can be shown previous work. but a sample would be nice. The deadline of march 12 might be too tight.
  1. AutoCAD
  2. Maxxon Cinema 4D


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