Space Planning for Soho Office

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Services Requried:
  1. Technical Drawing

We are always looking for 2D and sometimes 3D CAD technicians we can pay hourly or day rates. Interested to see what talent is out there so: We need a 2D floor plan created and some desks, storage and other equipment fitted into the area.

The Space needs:
- working desk space for 10-12 people potentially divided into a hot desking and permanent desking space. Space per person minimum of 150 x 75cm
- area for printer copier etc
- communal storage (not at people's desks but at the edge of the room as a storage bank) - ( ea unit dimensions 160 wide x 45cm deep - as many as will fit.
- a small kitchenette (note electric cupboard doors that open into this area on attached plan)
- A private meeting room (w. glass partition) with seating for 8-10 with a long (probably narrow) table. (table can be folded away for workshop -
- A small reception desk
- A small cafe style table for informal working - in reception area
- 2 high backed chairs for informal meeting/quiet working ideally in reception area

I have photos I can send you also so get in touch.
Fast turnaround! Speed! We need to agree on who undertakes this for us very quickly so having time available this week to carry it out is essential. Work to be carried out by 17th July!!

Ability to work in 2D CAD and show options for this space

Any additional thoughts and suggestions around space planning

Ability to work in 3D CAD COULD be useful in future so please let us know if you can.

Ability to sketch and illustrate certain areas of the interior could be useful over process of this project so please advise and show examples of previous work
Don't Wants:
Any additional furniture over what is stipulated.
Big changes to layout - see attached image, as these rough areas of meeting room/office etc are already agreed by client.
File Size Limit:
10 MB - 24 MB
Company Logo:
  1. AutoCAD (Any. )


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