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Services Requried:
  1. Technical Drawing
  2. 3D CAD Model
  3. Photorealistic Design
  4. File Type Conversion

Med-2-go is a synergy of individually packaged units of (OTC) over the counter medicines, selected to deal with health discomforts experienced by travellers when on holiday abroad.

Practical, elegant & user-friendly and aims to position itself as in-vogue with UK holiday consumer lifestyle, to encourage self-care behaviour through proactive purchase prior to travel.
Develop packaging portfolio to deliver OTC medicines in a practical and user-friendly format, aimed at “cash rich and time poor” holiday consumers. Promote the product’s purpose as “in-vogue” with traveller’s health and lifestyle, encouraging travellers to adopt a proactive approach for “self-care” in order to deal with health discomforts when on holiday abroad.
Don't Wants:
A design / Ultimately a product with shelf presence & appeal to the health conscious traveller to adopt a proactive approach to optimise health and well being; the container (packaging format) should offer value for money to this growing sector of the travel, leisure and holiday market


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