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Designing, detail engineering and submission of design, general arrangement, fabrication detailed drawings and 3d model
of a continuous process, fully automated controlled Pilot unit for the capacity of 50 to feed stock MSW plastic
waste processing at high temperature & oxygen free with atm pressure.
Experience in
1) Plant 3D modeling in solid works and General Arrangement Plan as per PID requirements; 3d plant model e-viewer (attached snap),
Basic Equipment sizing/specification, for equipment positions, pipes, valves etc.. issued by first party,(Plant plot limited to: Length:
5,800 mm x Width: 2,200 mm x Height: 2,200 mm)
2) General arrangement drawings for setting of control instruments location, Electrical Load with Control Philosophy as
per the equipment locations and motor load
3) Mechanical design for equipments and structural skid as per ISO, standards as per attached SOP & MEL
4) Analysis report which is not limited to FEA, CREEP & STRESS ANALYSIS, LIFE, simulation of each equipments
with motion studies & solution design of the equipments
5 Deflection limit of screw shaft & flight gap tolerance limit for high temperature augers as per ISO stds.
6) Modifications to be required as per the proposal from process engineer requirement to achieve final target/shape and
the economical aspects of the entire unit and prior to start detail engineering.
7) Assistance to the client for the section of economical and compatible specification of the readymade equipments and
automation Instruments which is outsourcing from Indian market which is suitable for the unit with.
8) Animation/Simulation of Plant process flow in 3d presentation video and in snap shot in power point.
9) Submission of Operational Manuel, Maintenance procedure, HAZOP & Risk assessment of the each equipment.
10) Detail engineering drawings as per MEL & SOP which is not limited to
 Detailed Fabrication for each component, Equipment skid structure Details, with 3D view, part assembly, fully
assembly for the fabricate items as per ISO std.
 Weld type and testing Details as per ASME, AWS, API, ANSI stds.
 Materials selection and tolerance of each equipments as per ISO, AISI, ASTM, ASME, AWS, API stds.
 Hardware specification as per Metric /British (Fasteners, bearings, packing etc..)
11) Assistance for the fabricator during fabrication for technical clarification and for the supplier’s query and preparation
of as- built drawings and 3d model soft copy in solid works for final project drawings.
Ask for Sample:
need type sample designed sample
  1. SolidWorks
  2. ANSYS
  3. AutoCAD
  4. 3ds Max (3D Studio Max)


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