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American Modern Twyst Plate Apparel Fastener
I am looking to create a new type of apparel fastener. The basic specifications that I am looking to achieve are as follows. The fastener consist of two parts 1. The Plate: (connected to a backpack for example) 2. The Disk (connected to a flashlight as an example... which inserts to the plate to create the fastening/lock) Plate Specs: 1. Size: no more than 17mm x 17mm with a depth of 2-2.5mm thick 2. Needs to be able to house a 12mm round (disk) that will fasten into it. 3. Pounds of pressure to insert disk: goal of 10lbs or less 4. Weight that it needs to be able to hold 100 lbs 5. Pounds of pressure to release disk, 10 lbs or less 6. Functionality: Ideally the fastening system would be push in with a 20-25 degree or less "twist" out. Needs to have the ability to "lock" (lock in this case means, not release so that the user can trust the fasteners ability to hold the objects that are attached to it and they will not fall off. 7. Ideally, the plate can accommodate the separation of the insertion force of the disk from the rotational force that allows the disk to release so that it can be placed on different weights of material. DISK 1. The disk can not exceed 12mm in diameter/size and needs to be 3mm (or less) in thickness. 2. The disk will be attached/mounted to a different object that will hold that object to the plate. 3. Ideally requires 20-25 degrees or less of rotation to release from the plate 4. Ideally it can accommodate a straight "snap in" insertion, or a "ski-binding" toe to heel or side to side snap in. A good concept to look at for inspiration is the clips bike peddle. MATERIALS: Open to anything USABILITY: Needs to be able to handle the wear and tear of at least 100,000 insertions and releases without losing its strength. MECHANISM: I am open to any form of mechanism including (but not limited to) electric, magnetic spring, rings, teeth, gears, pins etc. LOOK AND FEEL: Modern American style (think Apple), needs to have clean lines, nice smooth face, with a beveled edge etc. as It will be used on a fashion/apparel product. INSTALLATION: The design needs to consider how the factory will install both the plate and disk onto to their respective materials/accessory.
Semitrailer 40feet
3 axle`s capacity 50ton
Robot Lawn Mower
I am looking for the industrial design of a robot lawn mower. I would like a product that looks distinctive. There are two main components, a robot and a base station. I imagine the robot to be around 12" x 12" x 8". The robot can dock with the base station. I like the idea of a white, orange, or black design, with the simple robot's logo image: http://www.simplerobots.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/logo_inline.png Here are some robot mowers currently on the market: http://www.husqvarna.com/us/products/robotic-mowers/husqvarna-robotic-mowers-for-homeowners/ http://robomow.com/en-GB/product-category/mowers/ https://www.deere.com/en_INT/products/equipment/autonomous_mower/tango_e5/tango_e5.page I've attached an idea I had of what this may look like, but I'm sure you can do better. I will award the 1st place price ($1500) to the best overall idea that meets or only needs minor polish to meet all the requirements. I will award the 2nd place price ($500) to the best idea from an innovative and distinctiveness standpoint regardless of whether it meets the requirements. I will try to provide feedback as regularly as possible. I recommend starting with low fidelity ideas and getting feedback before refining them. Towards the end of the contest, I will run a survey with around 100 users. I would prefer SolidWorks 2015, but am willing to deal with another format for a great design or designer. This contest will be short. I understand if the final designs are a little rough as I expect to continue refining them (ideally with your help).
LA Apartments‎
Hi. I urgently need to make the design and visualization of the apartmens. We are ready to pay good amount if the designer/visualiser will work as long as you need. We have a model of the building, I attached it to all files. Also there is a small notes from us. There will be 3 angles: the interior angle and two exterior images. The notes are quite simple, but we want to see your ideas as a designer. The style is modern or minimalist. I would like to see cozy design as well as photorealistic visualization. We attached some images which will serve as a good example. The time frame is very limited, the project should be with me by Friday evening 30.10.2015 after 13:00 (UTC+01:00). Use common sense in the work. Write in comments and private messages. Good luck!
Connection/Plug-In system
Description: We are looking for a design of a connection/plug-in system. The system should consist of two main components; 1. The “Base” Which will be mounted on a surface (e.g. wall). 2. The “Contra-Base” The Contra-Base is an adaptor (to which an accessory is attached - e.g. a spot) to click/snap/slide onto the Base. Note: Accessories could weigh up to 1 kg (possibly in a bumpy environment), which needs to be taken into consideration into the design of the “Base” as well as the “Contra-Base” The Base: 1. Should preferably have a round shape with a diameter of approximately 7 cm and be as low in height as possible, without interfering with the design requirements. 2. Will be connected to a 12 volt power point • The 12 volt wire comes either from behind (through the wall) or from a side (on the wall) 3. Wires should be easily connected to the bottom of the Base. • The design should take into account easy attachment of the 12 volt wire to the Base by the user. • Also in case the wire is connected from the side of the Base there should be an opening / gate. 4. Will be fixed to a surface using screws. • The design should take into account easy accessibility for the user when mounting on surface. 5. Will pass 12 volt current to the Contra-Base once the Contra-Base is fixed onto the Base through a solution that is: • Low tech • Full proof The Contra-Base: 1. Should click/snap/slide/connect (or other) onto the Base; • Once attached on the Base, the Contra-Base should only be able to disconnect through manual intervention; • The locking mechanism should be very solid and as low-tech and full-proof as possible; • Once locked, the Contra-Base should not be able to turn on the Base, however the placement of the Contra-Base should not be limited by a (single) defined position; • Release mechanism should not be by force, but by intervention. Again, the solution should be as low-tech and full-proof as possible. 2. Should receive the 12 volt current from the Base (see “Base” #5.) and forward it to the accessory (e.g. spot) mounted on the Contra-Base. Requirements: 1. All solutions need to be manufacturable and preferably seamless integrated if possible; 2. To be manufactured using injection moulding with minimal mould complexity; 3. The files should be of a professional quality (including STEP files) so they can be handed over to an Injection Moulding company; 4. Non injection components should be minimal and easily available in the market or easily manufacturable; 5. Modern, minimalistic but high quality look & feel is an absolute must. Also when the Contra-Base is not attached to the Base, the Base should still look good and not technical. Please provide High Quality rendering views + preferably .U3D files during the contest. STEP files required on completion We will award the 1st price ($1500) to the best overall idea that meets – or only needs minor polish to meet – all the requirements We will award a 2nd price ($500) for the best innovative idea for the easy connection solution of the 12 volt wiring to the “Base”. • Needs to be integrated into the design of the “Base”, as low tech as possible and without any complex (expensive) external components. We will award the 3rd price ($500) to the best innovative idea for the 12 volt current transfer solution from “Base” to “Contra-Base” • Needs to be integrated into the design of the “Base” and the “Contra-Base”, as low tech as possible and without any complex (expensive) external components. Attachments: Whiteboard screenshots: 1. Potential Wiring situations; 2. Electrical wire connection to the “Base”; 3. Fixation of “Base” to wall; 4. Fixation of “Contra-Base” to “Base”.