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I am in search of a business partner to bring to Shanghai, China with myself to participate in the China Accelerator Program. I applied to the program with an idea to print 3D press on nails. They loved the idea and my prototypes. They have accepted me into the program, pending that I find someone to help with the technical side of things, designing, printing and web-developement.

The China Accelerator program provides 16K in funding to get the business of the ground, which in return they ask for 6% of the business. The program is run by Canadians and Americans, therefor it is well structured and easy to work with the mentors.
This person must understand the steady pace of an accelerated program and be ready to work hard. They must also understand 3D printing softwares(solid) and the printing process.
Ask for Sample:
Call me at (204) 479-3910 if you know anyone who is interested in such an opportunity.
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