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We're looking to hire a few talented 3D artists, who is willing to create beautiful & fast 3d models.

Many of these 3D models we will need on-demand (in a few hours or so possibly), but most we will need you to create once a week as requested. This relationship will be on-going and very potentially long-term.

The following are the type of models we required (all of them being textured):
-tech gadgets
-video games

Before we work with you, we'd need to check out how your work looks on our site's interactive format.

Create your account on our site here (http://www.sketchfab.com). Please check out one of our existing modellers for Sketchfab (sketchfab.com/mestaty)
You can also upload existing models from your portfolio to our site, which we will check out.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon
Low poly texture is fine to start, as we want to judge the quality and timing first.
  1. 3ds Max (3D Studio Max)


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