Gas Piping C.I.

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Need a 3D design for a natural gas piping job to be done according to ASME or CODETI. The basic design with connections exist, now we need to do the detailed design with 3D shop drawings. Job Involves around 700m of 1 to 8 in. steel pipes. Need to design the supports too with supporting calculations
The project is connecting two natural gas supply outlets to a the inlet of a distribution network. All the project is located in a flat parcel of land around 5000m2 in area
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design part of the piping as sample
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Abdulmois doro
Graduated as Mechanical Engineer from University of Tripoli, Libya. Over eight years of experience working in: • The areas of rejuvenation and maintenance projects including rotating equipment and supporting systems design, standards and regulations. Also, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics and thermodynamics equipment selection, specification, operating and maintenance. My experience also includes evaluation and selection of the optimum approach to lay-out and equipment packaging, also development and support of new equipment technologies and identification of applications. • Identify, optimize and determine the applicable transmission and monitoring design and specification equipment control, shut down and safeguarding specifications rotating equipment reliability and availability; engineering, construction and installation support for equipment systems.