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Introducing the first-ever all-in-one automotive oil drain system. A valve simply replaces existing oil drain plug and cleanly drains oil through attached tubing into recyclable container. Product design needs to include all 3 parts: oil valve, tubing (with connections), and disposable container.
Valve is made from corrosion-resistant forged brass to accommodate hot engine oil. Valve needs to protrude no further from oil pan than existing oil drain plug to maintain proper vehicle ground clearance. Drain plug needs to be designed to sit flush with the pan to allow all oil to be drained quickly and easily. Tubing must have quick and easy connection to oil valve and container. And oil valve must be well designed to prevent accidental oil leakage
Don't Wants:
I don't want a valve with a lever, since a lever design might be accidently jarred open. I also don't want a valve that protrudes too far from the oil pan.
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