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CBD Extraction Facility
Apply my work flow design to renovate a 4,000 sf space into a new extraction and finish products facility.
Retail Craft Beer Store - New CAD Design Project for Interior Designer
Project Description We are seeking to hire a designer to design and prepare a master plan that defines the entire interior space for our new craft beer growler shop. We require both 2D and 3D design for the new construction of our retail space. Company Description The Brewer's Apprentice will provide its customers with unique specialty brews and other quality craft beers in growlers. Our mission is to simplify the craft beer experience by providing the best beers in the city and connecting the people of Calgary to our many great craft breweries - giving the breweries a chance to share their beer and their stories. Calgary's East Village is where the future of city life is unfolding. A mix of artisan shops, clothing retailers, restaurants and coffee shops will draw people in search of boutique shops, socializing and personal touch to their service. The experience and atmosphere will be as much the purpose of visiting as the shopping itself and will regularly attract The Brewer's Apprentice’s target market. Target Market The craft beer drinker hasn’t changed much over time. By volume, 80 percent of craft beer was enjoyed by white males and over half of them in the 21- 44 year age bracket. A further breakdown of The Brewer's Apprentice's target market includes three primary categories: Yuppies, Hipsters and Connoisseurs. Yuppie (young urban professional) - is defined as a young college educated adult who has a job that pays a lot of money and who lives in or near a large city. Hipster - is typically described as a white, generation Y individual living in urban areas broadly associated with indie and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, generally progressive political views and alternative lifestyles. Connoisseurs - will be drawn to The Brewer's Apprentice because of their love and passion for beer. The main appeal to this segment will be the large number of hard-to-find beers that are available at our establishment. Design Requirements: The primary use of the space will be to fill specialty craft beers on tap. We will also offer a selection of specialty bottle craft beer and select wine from small independent vintners (wine to be in a separate room – The Vintner’s Apprentice. Finally, and minimally, we will offer a small selection of craft related accessories and ‘swag.’ Interior Requirements The space is 1373 square feet. The space needs to be designed to fit the following requirements while ensuring functionality and a use of space that capitalizes on the customer’s experience. • A refrigerated keg room (length 18ft x width 10ft x height 10ft) – space above refrigerator to be left open for compressor. This should not be visible from the front retail space but will be from the back office space. Must connect to the service door. • Office (desk space) & washing bay area must connect to the service door – for inspiration: http://www.bottless.net/Bottle-Washing-Machine-s/581.htm • A front bar (approx 18ft) - cashier space - small tasting space – possibly side bar (including stools) - Shelving under bar to store growlers - for inspiration: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/01/14/brooklyn-duane-reade-wins-over-locals-with-beer-bar/ • A back bar and sample taps (6 Pegas Crafttaps & 48 sampling taps) – for inspiration: - Brick wall - for inspiration: http://bestofsevenbarbers.com/ - Digital draft beer board – for inspiration: https://gettaphunter.com/digital-beer-board-for-your-bar/ - Pegas Taps and Sample taps - https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/noble-romans-take-n-bake-pizza-beaverton?select=QJdqgPIw5hobSFKL4COmgw • A separate room, The Vintner’s Apprentice room, separated by a sliding barn door • A sub wall to separate the exterior display and the interior shelving • Shelving for swag, additional craft beers and wine (in The Vintner’s Apprentice room) – for inspiration: http://www.custommade.com/custom-sized-industrial-pipe-and-reclaimed-wood-sh/by/jsreclaimedwood/ • Bathroom • Dedicated space for a tasting table & chairs - Barnwood table • Whiskey Barrel tables & stools for additional tasting space • Concrete flooring is to be left • Open ceiling will be painted and left open (need ideas of how to separate the retail space and the back office. See attached ceiling picture for inspiration (back office area behind the white brick wall). The attached dwg and pdf files outline the 1373 sqft space. You will have to scale the line work in the dwg to match the dimension strings. I’ve also attached a very amateur excel that we used simply to ensure the space would generally work. It includes all the items that are referenced in the requirements and one possible layout. We are by no means designers and don’t believe this is the perfect layout, but attached to provide further reference to the overall concept. Exterior Requirements • The attached exterior pictures provide an understanding of the building and exterior of the space. I would like my logo placed on the front using a backlit sign similar to the buildings current samples. • An exterior display on part of the space (possibly the north/shorter exterior wall)
Data Center Drafting: Create shop drawings of FRP panels | AutoCAD freelancers
Create Manufacturer's Shop Drawings of the FRP panels for a Data Center at Albany University. Shop Draiwngs must include elevations, sections, and details of all FRP panels for this project, approx. 270 no. panels, 10 different profiles = +/- 6300 sq. ft. The architect's original CAD files will be provided to use when creating the Shop Drawings.
Solar Catamaran Design
THE WINNER CAN NAME THEIR PRICE IF I AM IMPRESSED. PLEASE SEND QUOTATIONS WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS Development of a flat deck, 60 feet catamaran (competition style hulls), power boat, no sails, with electric motors only, solar roof, solar batteries, solar Hydrogen generation with compressed tank storage, plus hydrogen cell to provide electric need. Speed boat concept but with luxurious living design. The boat must be super light, made of carbon/resin composite for everything, including curved roof solar panels to be fitted with design, but providing rain collection, and also shade to entire available deck. Boat must be streamlined for 25-30 Knots top speed, and obtain an average cruising speed of 15 Knots. This boat must have everything electric, simplified for single person operations, and must be high end design, with ECO Design in mind for Zero emission; Zero pollution; and should be able to provide electricity to the grid while in dock. Will need full 3D rendering, of the boat (exterior and interior) with video presentation, including all engineering parts and systems on this boat. Cad files for all parts cutting, assembly diagrams, electrical wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, structural strength forecast data, useful load of the boat, etc... Will need expected total construction labor time, expected construction cost for hulls and boat structure, with detail for interior design expected cost, and details for electrical systems and hydrogen systems cost, as well as navigational equipment cost and automation systems, etc... A complete creation project. Presentation of the concept from various models seen on the current conceptional market, as well as currently existing market, and the boat will need to be customized to my vision for entire ECO Friendly purposes. Need good naval and boat engineering, as well as good electrical engineering and hydrogen cell expert to complete this project in 3 to 4 months max. All works to be provided with exclusive rights to us, for unrestricted used. If interested, contact me directly (email)to obtain more details about the specific project idea for you to provide a quote range. Not looking to pay for hourly work, expecting fair quote for complete project.
hotel Interior and exterior plus furniture render
The revised Details for our project is as follows: 1. Concept Design - Moodboards - Design sketches - concept 2D floorplans - Sketch 3d views 2. Developed Design - 2D floorplans - Sectional drawings - Elevations - Description of materials - (4) Four x 3D floorplans of each room type - 3D images of design: - (3) Three x Exterior render - (1) One x Lobby render - (4) Four x Room renders (one per room type) 3. Technical Design - Electrical layout plan all floors - Lighting Layout plans all floors - Water layout plan all floors - CCTV layout plan all floors - Solar panel layout plan roof - Supporting Elevation/section drawings as needed 4. HD animation of hotel complex 4 areas of hotel "to be decided" approx 6 seconds per area