Steel Product Contest #1

in Product Design held by Dion
Contest Closed
Basically, steel origami.

To create a simple product design that can be mass produced with steel plate bending, punching, laser-cutting, and can target mass market, be it industrial or consumer goods. (Example: Recycle Bin, trash can, file cabinet, etc.)

Selected design will be powder-coated, and marketed in Indonesia. Selected designers will have a chance to contribute more on their design (without contest).
Simplicity is a must, but of course design is the main criterion to get you selected.

The more simple it is, the lower the cost for the company. The more process (bend, cut, punch) the product require, the higher the cost will be.
Don't Wants:
1. Design that comes in many colors. It would mean that the company would have to store all the items in all different colors.

2. Design that require too many outsourcing parts. While drawer's bearing and some plastic parts are okay, too many of these will increase the cost significantly. Again, simplicity.
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