River Irt Fun Time Contest

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I need No. 3 River Irt, it's livery is mid-green with yellow & black lining. Images will show you the extra stuff for detail. I want it with a 3-link coupling on the front buffer beam & back of the tender. River Irt is an 0-8-2 outside cylinder narrow gauge outline tender engine with 8-wheeled tender. I DO want this to be *aswell as the steam engine from my other contest*. To be usable on N-Scale Track and be RTR. The Scale is O-9 *7mm (O Scale) Locomotives & Rolling Stock on 9mm (N Gauge) Track, the same goes for the other contest*.
Detail Accuracy & Color Accuracy
Don't Wants:
NO inaccuracies on the paint or detail.
Ask for Sample:
I'd like a 99.9% completed steam engine sample :3.
Company Logo:
  1. 3ds Max (3D Studio Max) (2013 or 2014)


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