Mechanical Flywheel/Inertia Toy Car (Metal)

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Mechanical Flywheel Friction Toy Car

In late 2010 I came across a beautiful object called the “Toy Car” by Wouter Scheublin. It is a spring powered toy car made of stainless steel and bronze. Link to Wouter’s website (

Not long after I received the Toy Car I was inspired to make a version of one for my own personal use, but instead of it being spring powered, I have envisioned one that is flywheel/friction powered.

I have been researching the best way to construct such a mechanical masterpiece, but have decided I need help in the design and construction (or need to commission someone to make one for me)

My criteria
• Same beautiful materials as the Wouter Toy Car (i.e. metal, bronze, etc..).

• Powered by heavy, beautiful flywheel.

• 4wd using one of the methods illustrated later on.

• An approximate size of 4x6.

• Open gearbox design with solid beautiful mechanical moving parts!

• Picture an exposed beautiful rolling gearbox with multiple moving elaborate gears. Flywheel can be heavy enough to move gears and project can have (and is encouraged to have) extra moving gears which would normally note be necessary to make toy car function, but give the mechanical movement I am looking for.

• A better description with pictures is shown on this blog I created just for the project.

Winner will get compensated and praised!

Wouter also makes a plastic version which can be seen below.

It is made via 3D printing using Selective laser sintering (SLS) and printed in nylon powder material that is melted together layer by layer by a laser and emerges from the machine complete with working gears, axles, spring and wheels.

Both the metal and the plastic version of the Wouter Toy Car are spring powered, but I would like to make a friction/inertia version using metal as the material.

I would like it to be about the same size, have the exposed gears, but have a different/ellaborate gear set up with a beautiful flywheel.

Overall, it appears that the best friction cars that can be purchased have a somewhat standard gear set up for 2wd and 4wd as can be seen below in the various examples.

Zecar - 2wd Example
A good example of a friction powered vehicle is the Zecar sold by Kikkerland and designed by Chico Bicalho and which can be found at

This car has the same torque and speed as I would like to see in my final version.

Hot Wheels – RevUps – 4wd
The Hotwheels revups seem to have the best distance and after opening one up, I was able to tell that it uses a transmission to power the front axle from the back axle.

Most of the 4wd friction cars use the cluster of gears to transfer power. Only the RevUps use the rod with a bevel and crown gear to transfer the power to make 4wd. However, the RevUps are also the most efficient (longest distance v push) for some reason..

Other Inspirations
The high torque set up that is used in RC Tanks. This may actually be too much torque for what I am looking for, but is a great model to study.

Super Precision Gyroscope from

The Super Precision Gyroscope is a Gyroscope with Gimbals add on kit which has the design qualities I am look for.

Where I am and Where I need to go…
Overall, I think the best design “I” can think of would include:
◦ 4wd using one of the methods illustrated above.
◦ 1-2 flywheels.
◦ Symmetrical gearing set up.. (imagine the Zecar gear set up and having two sets on one car. Left and Right. See illustration below.
◦ If you are interested in assisting in the design or constrcution of this flywheel/friction mechanical toy car, please let me know. I can be contacted via email at
◦ This has been a personal adventure and desire for me with limited access to the tools or the knowledge and experience necessary to make this a reality. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
◦ I am open and flexible to any type of arrangement for your help or services and would be willing to compensate you for your time and costs.
◦ During the research of this project I had many other ideas for similar styled mechanical gadgets. Depending on the outcome of this one, I may continue on to make a few of them.
◦ Thank you in advance for your consideration and help!
The details on the blog in the following link should get you all information you need.
Don't Wants:
Cheap Plastic or something really simple that I could design myself. What I am asking to be designed is not super complex so I am hoping that gives someone the flexibility to go above and beyond to really but some attention to detail and elaborate gearing.
  1. SolidWorks
  2. Autodesk Inventor


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