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Not-For-Profit School Playground & Landscape 3D Illustrated Presentation
Use provided CADD file to prepare a 3D illustrated presentation of site work for new playground with landscape improvements. The illustration needs to be of presentation quality to provide clear visuals to prospective students and families what to expect in coming academic year.
Photo Realistic 3D of Beauty & Wellness Line
We are looking to replace all the images on our website: SutroLab.com. We will need render of 5 products: 1. Oil H2O System 2. The FIzz Tab 3. Day & Night Face Oil(now with clear beads inside) 4. The Hydrosol Machine 5. Holographic Squalane (not on web)
Transport UAS/UAV/Drone
The purpose of this project is to look into the feasibility of creating a proof of concept electric powered UAV that is autonomous, can carry varied payloads (fixed camera, camera on a gimbal, carry case to transport goods, etc.), has a flight time of 60+ minutes, and most important, radical in design! Must have at least 4 engines. Not looking for a COTS solution or similar. I would like to have the UAS to be modular for various mission capabilities. Mission (Crime Prevention, Fire Management, Emergency Response, Intelligence, Fire Investigation & Damage Assessment, Accident Reconstruction, Search and Rescue, Forensics, Event & VIP Security, Tactical situational awareness & targeting, Perimeter & convoy security, Covert Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Anti-piracy, tactical ship boarding, De-mining, Emergency & disaster response HAZMAT/CBRNE management, etc.) payload(s) and flight characteristics might include: • Surveillance with Gimbal, or Gimbals to allow for 360 degree view o FLIR, HD RGB (or HDMI if possible), NIR, NDVI, LWIR, Lidar • Area Mapping for mitigation, disaster recovery, assessments, inspections, etc. • High Speed with Heavy Lift capability for emergency medical devices/medications. o This is for cargo, with an understanding that a balance will need to be struck to determine maximum flight time. • Tether Mode (for training and long term situational awareness). o The possibility of powering unit and payload feed via tether. • Modular, hot-swappable, payload chamber(s) for Sensor Arrays for various scenarios that might include: o Collision Avoidance o Acoustic Detection and Location (Military, Public Services) o Electrochemical and Infrared Imaging Gas & Liquid Detectors (Environmental Air Sensing, Gas and Liquid Leak Detection, CBRNE) o Field Communications (Military) o Radiation Detection (CBRNE) o Ability to drop payloads such as: • Surface Vehicles (Rover, Boat, etc.) • Infrared Beacons • EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) • Sea Dye Markers • Stable in high wind (65+ km/h) environments o Preferably dust and water resistant • Sealed electronics area and designed for all weather flights o With regards to the Gimbal: • Dependable operation in wet, sandy, or humid environments, extreme temperatures, and in sustained winds of up to 50 km/h • Important: This UAS will NOT be weaponized Must be able to transition from Hover to Forward flight while conserving power: - Fixed Wing Flight; or where the Rotor Wing is locked to operate as a fixed wing - Rotary Wing Flight; as a quad copter with sustained hover capability - Conventional Takeoff & Landing - Short Take Off & Landing - Vertical Take Off & Landing - Reversible In-Flight Transition - Reversible On-Ground Transition. In addition, once the transition to forward flight is engaged, I'd like for the engine(s) to be a silent as possible. No parachute or net for recovery, and no launcher to get it airborne. While I'm not looking for a COTS UAV, I would like for it to use COTS Hardware and Software for the build. Rugged, reliable and capable - dependable in extreme environments • Up to 50-minutes endurance with payload, continuous operation model • High wind tolerance o 40 mph (65 km/h) sustained, o 55 mph (90 km/h) gusts Pre-assembled backpack deployment – airborne in minutes • Folding design protects payload & includes battery for powered standby • Payload, battery, arms, and legs are easily replaced in the field without tools Environmental Temperature Range: • -22F to –122F (-30C to 50C) Navigation LED’s • Red/Green • Red/NIR Modular chassis and modular electronics for easy access/replacement Must weigh less than 55 lbs./24kg With regards to dimensions, I think it will depend on how much of these requirements can be satisfied. Mobility is important so, the dimensions should allow for the UAS to fit into a case or similar. The attached images are for reference only. These show VTOL aircraft capable of transitional forward flight. In addition here is a link to a real example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUNJTAybCQQ
The Steam Punk Jet Engine F3
Looking for someone to design a cool graphic for my Formula 3 race car. The idea is to render the image onto a 3D image of the vehicle and tweak it until everyone is happy. I'm working on having a 3D image done in CAD as we speak - but would like to start the creative part by soliciting ideas on what kind of images might work on the different parts of the vehicle and how it all ties together. You will see in the attached powerpoint what kind of concept I'm after (Bugatti, VW, etc...), steam punk, jet engines, etc... and you'll also see picture of the actual F3. Again, this will work best once I have a 3D version - so this first round is all about finding cool artwork and figuring out what goes where. I DO want the sheet metal pop-rivet look (from the Bugatti) as the main them for the F# with cut-outs similar to how it was done on the VW to expose the guts. I also think that the large engine cooling shrouds on each side of the vehicle could be jet engine, possibly with small flames shooting out of the vertical breather fins - but that's just one idea. I welcome any and all other ideas.