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hello my name is phill and i'm looking for an architect who can visualise my dream for me a 175,000sq.ft futuristicly modern mansion plan+design that needs to have that wow factor i'm looking for it has to designed in a way that when you're in the distant view of it as soon as you see it anyone reacts overly amazed of how stunning it is overall its design has to evoke emotion to anyone who sees it same goes for the interior design plus it should take the sunset views so if you think wait KNOW that you can invision my idea then you're welcome to design and present it also you can make a virtual video tour presentation.plan the rest is up to you to implement a plan on how everything should be placed and use your pespective of how things should be cause if you make me masterpiece you're gonna get your pay instantly
anyone whose ready design but these are my main features:8 bdrms,3 saunas, distant 4.1km race track circuit,surface flat ground with distant mountain views design,sweeping views, distant heli hanger+helipad,welcoming driveway resort style,97,000sq.ft underground car garage,outdoor pool,indoor pool,big and open living room,big hidden room,27 people movie theatre,play room,3 stories height max,elevator,distant backyard beach,regular 3 car garage not underground,beautiful and stunning both at day or and at night,remaining empty outdoor areas covered with trees and finally add your own input interior feel of order to complete the interior plan even add some extra rooms you feel i've missed in the requirements as long they make the design work
Don't Wants:
i don't want weird designs no old time mansion designs just modern
Ask for Sample:
create video virtual tours when presenting
  1. Unreal Engine (4.26/5)


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