Build your muscles at gym; Design your version of Resistance Bands over here

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As our organization gives significant importance to physical fitness, We want to introduce resistance bands. We believe that, If one person is physically fit, then the person can reduce stress and they can improve quality of life. Through our resistance bands, we want to change the way we approach the bands. We need to provide quality, sustainable, scientifically designed and aesthetically appeared bands to the consumers. Consumers interested in home workouts or fewer equipment workouts should choose our bands to improve their endurance, strength, and stamina. We want to build this bands that even small components such as grip handles or straps should be comfortable and friendly. The bands on the markets are currently easily damaged, or they are cut off from the handle knob. We want to re-engineer or re-design our bands to solve these problems from consumers. Finally, We want to introduce extensively researched resistance, well designed with extensive customer engagement, aesthetically pleasing, and economic resistance bands.
Design Details: Freedom to the creator
Colors: please find the attached
aesthetics: Stylish, Modern and creative
Don't Wants:
I don't want the current approach of resistance bands on the market. I am looking for a innovative and creative approach to resistance bands.
Ask for Sample:
Samples are welcome and the profiles will shortlisted based on samples.


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