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Need mythological designs and effects incorporated (in 3d model and animation)
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Simple Disposable Toothpaste Design Animation
Hello, This is a very easy project that I am hoping to quickly get submissions for. I am wanting to get a demonstration animation of a disposable toothpaste container. I have posted a video showing what I would like to be shown in the animation video. There is no need to show hands or anything like that. Just the container by itself going through the below-listed steps. Step 1) The toothpaste container is filled to about halfway with a white liquid by pouring the liquid into the open end of the toothpaste container. Step 2) The paper covering of the double-sided tape inside of the container is removed. (A piece of double-sided tape with a paper covering goes around the inner circumference of the toothpaste tube. The piece of tape should be about 20mm in height.) Step 3) The open end of the toothpaste container is flattened. (There should be about 20 mm of flattened tube when done, similar to the video) Step 4) The paper covering on the outside piece of double-sided tape of the container is removed. (this piece of double-sided tape should be about 20mm in height as well) Step 5) The flattened end of the toothpaste container is folded twice onto the exposed double-sided tape on the outside of the container. (The two folds should cover the entirety of the outside piece of double-sided tape) Feel free to use a regular toothpaste container as a frame of reference for size, design, etc. However, please do not place any logos onto the toothpaste container. Again a video is attached showing how the container is meant to function.
Quy đổi RP nhưng không nhận được Tristina tiểu quỷ
Quy đổi RP nhưng không nhận được Tristina tiểu quỷ
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