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Mobile Robotic Imaging System
Overview - Prisma Imaging™ is focused on the development of newly designed radiographic imaging techniques and modalities which will be capable of capturing the areas of the equine and large animal patient, that are most prone to injury and currently inaccessible, and deliver high-resolution images while the patient is conscious and, in a weight,-bearing position. The new imaging systems will be fully integrated, employing proprietary, state-of-the-art technology that will deliver a “game-changing” medical imaging diagnostic solution. Prisma’s system will utilize robotics that will be operated in conjunction with proprietary visual motion capture technology, giving the system the unique capability to have unrestricted movement, and access to the weight-bearing, conscious equine patient. The key objective of the new venture is to provide the equine practitioner with the means by which to achieve a more effective and efficient diagnosis, prognosis and overall improved patient care, compared to current imaging practices. Prisma’s robotically-controlled imaging system is its inaugural product, a working prototype is functioning, and in vivo testing of live horses has started. This system is currently capable of diagnostic quality CT imaging of the horse’s lower extremities, head and the upper parts of the neck, representing the regions of the equine anatomy in which a majority of, and highest insistences of injuries occur. Prisma is also developing other radiographic technologies employing a collimated fan-beam radiation source with a linear diode array (LDA) detector. Both methods are made possible due to the use of Prisma’s patented robotically-controlled system and provides access to the entire equine anatomy, a capability that currently does not exist. Prisma will initially focus on the US market. Our distribution strategy is a combination of selling and installing systems at select top-tier research universities, large equine veterinary practices, and also operating company-owned mobile imaging systems. The advantages of this 3-tiered distribution strategy are: 1) affiliating with large practices and universities will accelerate the development of system functionality, advanced diagnostics and collaborating on discovering better treatment solutions; and 2) by operating company-owned mobile imaging systems, the market will be best and most efficiently served, providing maximum, unrestricted access to the entire equine population. In summary, current radiographic imaging technology for the equine industry has significant limitations and presents health and safety risks for the patient. Employing the robotically-controlled radiographic system described herein will open up an entirely new landscape in equine imaging, improving the quality and reliability of diagnosis, prognosis, overall patient care, and represent a meaningful advancement compared to the current imaging industry. Project Description – As part of Prisma’s distribution strategy, a mobile system needs to be designed and manufactured. The mobile system needs to be self-contained with its own power source. The primary characteristics and performance requirements of the system are: • An enclosed, climate-controlled exam/working space of approximately 20’ x 20’ (when expanded). The expansion space can be a soft/tent fabric (does not need to be hard material). • Ceiling height of 12’, does not need to be the entire space, only over where the robots are located. This will become clear when you look at the fixed system cell design which is in the attachments. • Fit onto a detachable gooseneck trailer (no longer than 25’) • A means for the horse to enter and exit the workspace. Ideally, enter from one side and exit through the opposite side. • GVW of no greater of 20,000 pounds • Able to be towed by a heavy-duty pickup truck with a 5th wheel hitch Basic equipment that needs to be included in the system: • 2 x ABB 6700 series robots w/controllers* • Radiographic generator* • Electric generator • HVAC *There are Step files attached that have these components. For the components for which there are not Step files, you can use your estimations for this aspect of the design. We project 24 systems being initially built, with expansion occurring as demand warrants. Other Information: The design will be done in multiple phases. The first phase, which is the focus of the design contest, will be mostly conceptual, showing the basic design, placement of equipment, etc.. Subsequent phases will address the system design on a more detailed basis. THIS IS THE FIRST PHASE OF DESIGN. Reference documents and other material are located the Attachments which includes the current fixed system cell design, basic component step files, some video showing the system operating and some images demonstrating some high-level concepts/ideas. I also suggest visiting our company website for more background information.
Mini Transparent Oled Tv/ Picture Frame
Can I have a 3d design and renders on a mini transparent streaming tv/picture frame? The tv will look like a picture in a picture frame than can change to a tv. There will be apps on the screen: Netflix, Kodi, Alexa, Facebook, Skype, Youtube, Mobdro, Pandora, Hulu, Instagram, Twitter & Chrome Web Browser. Can it have a mic and camera? The tv will be bluetooth and wifi can you show the picture representing that. It will have a small remote for the tv. The charging cable can disconnect to become portable. Can it be 3 renders: 1. To show a family picture in frame 2. Transparent screen with Apps features 3. Transparent Movie playing on screen or show movie pictures to choose from.
LED Streetlight Design (Family)
- a Family of LED Streetlights (5 Variants). - Need a market changing design.. which will define and change the market. - Basic standard design and descriptions given below. - Basic industry designs pictures have been attached in the ZIP file. Sizes: As per below 5 variants.
Folding surface
I need the 3D design of my project using SolidWorks. I am looking for someone with experience who can give me as well advice on the design and perform simulation with SolidWorks to make sure that from the design a prototype can be made
Dandelion Product Design
Our new health monitoring system uses sound to track daily activities within the home, is proactive , and can use the information to promote health and wellness. After creating a personalized pattern of your life, the system monitors for when concerning disruptions occur (e.g., excessive coughing, reduced activity level), and provides targeted actions as suggestions (e.g., telehealth visit, yoga class) and other opportunities made available through third-party partners. We work with these 3rd parties to try to get services offered at a discount or even free. The system is specifically designed to be discreet and can blend into everyday objects, such as electrical outlets, smoke detectors, and light switches so no one needs to know that the home is monitoring your wellbeing. The system is designed with privacy in mind and will never record raw audio like other popular smart speaker systems do. Two-way audio with our professionally trained call center is only activated during an emergency (unless opted into). The system can be used by people of all ages, but is particularly well-suited for seniors who are aging at home and want a powerful monitoring and emergency response system without the need to carry a smart device or “call button” around the home. We are looking for concept images to include in marketing, sales and fundraising collateral while we continue to develop the technology. Since we are using known hardware products as reference, and want to blend in, using existing products as references with minimal changes is desired. Electrical outlets, smoke detectors, light switches, night lights, etc. These every day devices need to be modified to demonstrate that they have extra sensors integrated into them. Microphone sound passthrough dots, small lenses for light detection, etc. Then to show that these are branded products (defer to our branding guide), add a soft glowing, gentle, purple light.