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Thank you for taking on our design challenge!

We are looking to create a piece that can slide into the hair and separate it creating more airflow for scalp health. Imagine something millimeters high that can be worn under a hat or scarf to prevent hat head. Ideally it would keep hair lifted and sorted to prevent bacterial growth, sweat, and flat hair. :/
It should also be able to take on some of the weight of the hat or scarf worn so the hair wont be crushed.
(I had made a head piece out of pipe cleaners going across my scalp from ear to ear and this helped make the hat/scarf feel weightless as all the little fingers of fabric held it up ;) But it didnt do much to help my scalp breathe.

The material needs to allow for antimicrobial properties as well as breathability as it will hold the hair in place, and when hat or head covering is removed, then piece removed, the hair will be voluminous and not crushed or flattened.

I know nothing like this exists, but the purpose of the product is to maintain hair health/ cleanliness and volume under coverings.

Ideas that entertain for material, design, structure and air flow will be asked to prototype in a second design challenge.
The material used must be washable.
The design should be comfortable and take into account various hair textures.
Ideally it will hold onto hair without pins or clips.
Material chosen should reflect organic shapes of head and not try to change shape.
Extra points for design that includes material that is non-slip meaning if I wear a scarf on my hair, the product will somehow grip onto the scarf as well helping it to not slip. Keep in mind scarves are made of cotton, silk, chiffon so make sure the non-slip feature will not damage these fabrics once removed.

Hair support should run along the crown from the forehead to the back of the top of the head. See drawing.

Wearability should allow for easy removal.
Think: A headband motion that pushes from forehead back.

Designed product should not be seen under cap/scarf
Don't Wants:
materials that are scratchy or that will harm scalp.
Sharp plastic points
Ask for Sample:
I would really like to sample some prototypes but as this is my first challenge I will offer a second one for project completion. Please feel free to correct me or clarify further points.


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