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Model and create and animate of this cute robot in Unity 3D using the provided mockup.
We're in need of a "Pixar polished" character that's friendly with a “Wall-E” like personality. We'd like to have these animations setup in Unity 3D, taking advantage of Unity's Animation State Machine to transition from a looped neutral state to one of many short "expressions" clips. The project requires that most of the animation will be in the eyes, like Wall-e or even more so like the Vector robot toy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW2fCFSzuIQ) as inspiration. We'd love the ears to be floppy soft bodies like Apple’s Animoji’s (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo-XkvEpKIs) when moving. And we’re open to suggestions in terms of the animations and approach, however I believe you can follow many of Vector’s list of expressions (see "vector-list-of-expressions.jpg") for direction. Lastly, you’d notice in the attached mock-up, that there’s an "accent ring" – we imagined that it would have a default loop for the neutral animation but it would change colors and tie into any particular emotion animation ( for example, it would turn fiery red when angry for instance) This project would require a total of 12 animated expressions (each under 3 seconds duration) as well as 2 looped neutral animations (please see the attached "animation list.png"). As a sample, you'll need to demonstrate going from 1 neutral animation to 1 happy animation for evaluation. The winner will be required to complete the remaining 12 animations
3D Automobile Build
Assemble layers of mechanical systems on one another to create a complete car. The purpose of the animation is to demonstrate the complexity of today's car.
English town
An English themed town that consist of a shopping area ( restaurant, stores, cinema). with a medieval design cobblestone street, a university. A boarding High School, a pond surrounded by a park, a community sports park , a residential area with Victorian and Georgian Terrence houses.