Baby food container made of glass

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I'm looking to design a new baby food storage jar of 4oz/120ml.
I will be using borosilicate glass with a cover.

I will need it to have the following features:
It can stand fast temperature gradients. (-20deg C to +100 deg C)
Dishwasher safe - We will use silk printing
Microwave safe
Freezer safe
It should be stackable. We will sell a set of 6-12 pcs. So the package should be minimized.
It should be leak-proof for liquids
It should be Airtight.
It should be very easy to wash without any hidden places.
It should be mold proof. Can't be left places where mold can develope
Logo and scales should be printed on the glass and on the cover
The volume scale should be printed on the glass
No sharp edges. smooth breaks.
A packing solution should come with it.
I would like to have a designer with experience working with glass and experience working with Chinese factories.

I'm looking for a clean, elegant design
Don't Wants:
Childish design. I prefer not using plastic or minimize plastic usage for the cover if possible


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