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Easy to Assemble Equipment Stand, 400lbs rating
We are looking to design an equipment stand for mini-split air conditioners that is easy and quick to assemble. It will be an outdoor stand, so it must withstand the weather, and hold up to 400lbs. Currently the market leader is Quick Sling. This product is patented, so ours must be a different design. We are looking to improve the assembly speed, as it takes 20-30 minutes to assemble a Quick Sling QSMS1201. Here is the Quick Sling product: Here is the Quick Sling assembly video We were thinking maybe it's possible to reduce assembly speed by having a stand that's folded in the box and expands when you take it out (like a folding chair or folding table). This is just one idea. All options will be considered, use your imagination!
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Looking for an inspiring designer who can help me create a new design for dog dental/chew that has a treat attached/inserted. we are starting a new brand called Chewy Bone in Dubai, we are looking for 3 different designs, creative and not a copy of the attached file, the attached file is only to give an idea what other companies have been selling that is similar to our request. we are open to any shape and design, but would prefer sticking to bone shape. treats shown in the attachment doesn't have to be round or as shown in the attachment. The purpose for consumers to purchase this item is to get thier dogs teeth cleaned, and adding the treat would keep the dog busy not less than an hour.
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Calling all pet designers, help me make the dog bowl great again!! Small start-up company looking to disrupt the dog feeding bowl market. When you have a dog, you want to do all you can for it. There are a variety of boredom buster feeder dog products/bowls on the market that helps solve the problem of alleviating boredom and anxiety that can lead to excessive chewing, barking, digging, and other destructive behaviours. I want to disrupt the dog feeder product market competitors to create something new, original and innovative integrating the Wobble Balance Board concept. Please read the attached brief for more details on the scope of work and if you have any questions please let me know. Wants: • Open to multiple designs/entries • 3 unique product designs plus 2 wild card designs • Innovative, creative and original design – out of the box thinking • Cost effective and designed to manufacture • Injection mould friendly using food grade rubber and plastic materials to manufacture • 3 sizes-small, medium and large • Sturdy and non-slip when in use • Is it relatively unique versus what competitors sell and most people have come across on eBay, Amazon or similar online shops and current product competitors? • Minimalist and simple • Must help us modify if needed • Use logo attached The critical point is to positively make it an engaging experience for the dog – the end consumer. The other challenge is to convince the dog parents of the benefits/features by design and usability of it. Open your imagination and professional creative ability – design something original and innovative. If you think we're not being creative enough and have an innovative idea for an awesome design that fits the brief, please also submit. There are multiple prizes on offer.