Concept mechanism design for opening & closing of expandable 40' container

in 3D Modeling Design held by RevoBlox Systems
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We are looking for opening and closing mechanism for a modular unit of size of 40' container that is simple and minimalistic and yet very robust design. The mechanism design should be easy to open and close and can be operated multiple times without or with minimal human intervention.
In closed form it will be size of 40 feet container while once expanded should have maximum possible footprint allowing additional living usable space.
Please refer to attached video as a reference for the concept. The uploaded video is just for reference purpose only.
The design mechanism shall be made keeping following things in mind:
1. Expansion with minimum resource and manpower
2. Easy to expand and retract. In open size, maximum floor area while in closed form of size of 40' ISO container
3. Design should be simple, robust, low maintenance, and easy to produce/ manufacture
Maximum floor area supported with working design model. It should be manufacturable.
Don't Wants:
Simple, robust and intuitive design
  1. SolidWorks


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