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English town
An English themed town that consist of a shopping area ( restaurant, stores, cinema). with a medieval design cobblestone street, a university. A boarding High School, a pond surrounded by a park, a community sports park , a residential area with Victorian and Georgian Terrence houses.
3D Automobile Build
Assemble layers of mechanical systems on one another to create a complete car. The purpose of the animation is to demonstrate the complexity of today's car.
Best dressed 3D character
What I need for this job is for someone to be able to create a 3D character that manages to change its clothes. It would be some sort of MMORPG character creation, but more sophisticated. Also, I would like it to have special features, like automatic color combinations, random stylish clothing combinations and the sort. An example of what I would need you can find here ( This should be done for a male, so there will not be so many clothing combinations as in for a woman. I tried doing it in Unity 3D, but the lack of time does not allow me to make it work. If you have another 3D software that you know better, I can accept it.
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