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in 3D Modeling Design held by guest
Contest Closed
Sketchup 3D model:
-Exterior with detailed textures and mateirals
- Interior with detailed textures and materials.
- 360 renderings with lumion
Matching design provided in autocad
matching materials and textures provided.
  1. Trimble SketchUp (Google) (2018)


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Govt. of India has introduced new category of Vehicle - E Rickshaw last year primarily to uplift the working condition of rickshaw-pullers (from an otherwise physically taxing mode of commute, rickshaw pullers and drivers now have an easier and greener alternative.) E Rickshaw comes in two variant - Passenger Vehicle and Goods Carrier. Euler Motors is working on 3 Wheeler Electric Good Carrier variant for Indian Market - Tier 3/4 Markets { Villages, Small Townships }. Here is specification according to government :- 1. Top Speed = 25 Km/H 2. Load Capacity = 310 Kgs 3. Length x Width x Height = 2.8 m x 1 m x 1.8 m . (Dimensions are in Meters) Here are some of the existing version of E Rickshaw Goods Carrier :- https://goo.gl/kTx6ho https://goo.gl/vWCgjm https://goo.gl/wFLdQZ https://goo.gl/SSYsfy https://goo.gl/3FTk7n https://goo.gl/p2xjS3 Salient Features That Euler Motors is working on :- 4.3” Inch Digital Display { Link = https://goo.gl/5EJFuw } instead of Regular Dial based display { Link = https://goo.gl/CpC4fv }. This display will display stats around Speed, Battery Left, Temp., Headlights, Indicator Reverse Backup Camera : To enhance Safety of the vehicle and driver, a reverse backup camera will be attached to the rear - centre of the vehicle. Display from camera would appear on the 4.3” Digital display when vehicle reverses. Li Ion Battery will be placed in front of the vehicle {below the driver’s seat}. However the structure should be made in a way that the battery can taken out from enclosure within 2 minutes if required. Entire battery back will consist of 2 modules. Each module will be of following dimensions Each Module’s Weight = 12 Kgs Each Module’s size : Length x Width x Height = 220 mm x 210 mm x 355 mm 2 Modules can be arranged along the width of vehicle or height in the battery pack. Required Items inside the Vehicle:- Li Ion Charging Spot needs to be on the vehicle installed. Vehicle needs to include First Aid Box Mini Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Charging Point needs to be on vehicle { https://goo.gl/Ngp8KZ , https://goo.gl/5p7buC } Standard vehicle parts - Front head light {LED headlight}, Front Indicator, Tail Lights, Rear Indicator, brake pedal. Accelerator in the conventional 3 wheeler are along the handle.
Customizable Headphone Design
We want a customizable headphone design for our new product line. It represents the ability to customize based on likes of people. We would like the following files - High Quality Renderings - STL file that is 3D printable - Dimensions in pdf file Description: Type: Switchable caps and switchable cushion headphone Target Audience: 15-35 year old Competitors: Enclosed for reference Design: Switchable headphone caps (please refer to the enclosed switchable caps picture), 90° swivel earcups, On ear and over-ear switchable ear cushions (refer to enclosed switchable ear cushions picture), extendable, foldable headphone Material: Plastic Specification Details: Driver Unit: 40mm Connectivity: Bluetooth LED Indicators to show battery, Power button with light indicators, One multi-function button, Volume button/s (But not limited to your design, please feel free to be creative) Headband: Width- 22-28mm, Length- 30cm unexpended, 38cm extended length, Material: Soft Cushion Earcup length/ size of the earcup: 6-8 cm x 6-8 cm x within 3.5cm thickness/ 6-8 diameter Size range of Over the ear module including cushions: L75-90 mm x H75-90 mm x W25-33 mm Size range of On the ear module including cushions: L50-75 mm x H50-75 mm x W20-28 mm We would just like 3D printable ID design, and we will take care of mechanical design by ourselves. Any software is acceptable, if STL format file can be provided. Any further questions, please feel free to comment.
Building of 3D models using parametric
Hi, We need to develop 3D models using the parametric method. 3D models in fashion accessories.
Circular LED light with stand
Slimline ring light light weight stand Easy to move around bracket for phone/device must be able to be broken down into bag Light control dimmer - similar to that of the GLAMCOR LIGHT (warm and cool functions)