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I need pendent as attached file to be exact like picture 5cm long
To be exactly look
Don't Wants:
Not to be heavy
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We are looking for ONE ring design that come with several concepts. The idea is we want to have Native american and Native Alaskan themes and elements coalesce into jewelry. By native american + native Alaskan themes and elements, I mean their culture stuffs, such as Indian totem, ovoid shape arts from Native Alaskan culture, animals meaning and colour meaning for those indigenous, meaning of different bird feathers and different shape of feathers, and combining with their favorite materials like amber, turquoise and silver. Due to there are some differences between native American and native Alaskan, you might need to do them separately, one series of native American and one series of native Alaskan. See attachments for some references.
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I need very unique modern design for my rubies I attached the file is picture of cert which has picture of rubies and measurements I would like to have very unique combination I’ll leave up to designer to come up with mixture with other stones preferably diamonds
I attached certificate of the stones that are mean to be designed measurement and shapes are obvious in the cert I would like to have earring in very modern design mixture of stones that match the shape of the ruby so I’ll leave it up to designer has to be very unique designs as stones are clean and unheated so design expected to be very unique
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Same sex marriages continue to grow but unfortunately the jewelry industry isn't embracing this new market quick enough. I need masculine male engagement ring design that embodies traditional engagement ring standards (solitaire diamond) but can easily transition from engagement ring to band. There's no sense in buying two similar rings a year or two apart.
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Read carefully before applying. Please provide examples of your work as per instructions below. --- I require an experienced jewellery designer who has a library of basic engagement ring styles. Use whichever software as I will only need JPG/ PNG images with professional finish and render. -- Objective: Provide basic engagement ring designs for my jewelery catalogue Three styles - Vintage, Classic, and Nature Inspired Three settings - Solitaire, Three-stone, Halo They will also need to be provided in white, yellow, rose gold with different diamond shapes (oval, cushion/ princess, round brilliant). Only JPG/ PNG required but with professional finish/ render. -- Please see examples below and provide me similar examples of the same when applying. While the designs only need to be basic the quality of your images must be the same or better than the examples provided.