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super vision with internet
we need super vision for cardboard glasses with internet so when they wear the cardboard glasses they can access the internet
Gnome needed for Garden Device
Our company, GnomeBOT, is working on a garden automation tool and we need a design for the product case. The case will look like a gnome, and will How did we come up with a gnome? Think about the home automation tools you've seen. They either look like a 90's router (box with antennas out of the top), or they're sleek modern works of art. Think about the Nest thermostat. What does it look like? Your grandma's thermostat, right? Except much more modern. That's what we're going for: a nod at your grandma's gnome, but modern. Points of consideration: > Our device is a gnome, and a computer/robot. We're looking for a modern way to blend the two. >The gnome will house electronic components including sensors (with external probes which will plug in via ports), a 16x2 LCD, a PCB, and an antenna. >The final product will be waterproof. Avoid any areas that could pool water. >The product will go outside in customer's yards. Consider a base or large footprint to keep the unit stable >There will be plugs for sensors connecting to the gnome. Please plan an area for 5-8 probes to connect. >Design will need to be printed as 2 halves that come together once the internal components are in place.
Universal plastic side release buckle adapter
Looking for a 3D printing design for a universal buckle adapter that will connect to a variety of existing side release buckles that you might find on backpacks, luggage or pet collars. The universal buckle adapter will connect to the male end on one side and the female end on the other side of the existing buckle. The design will be for a medium sized buckle that attaches to a 1" wide strap.
Practical, elegant & user-friendly and aims to position itself as in-vogue with UK holiday consumer lifestyle, to encourage self-care behaviour through proactive purchase prior to travel.
Fashion Design - Jewelry Design
I am a fashion company and I am looking for a 3D modeler to help me create My designs. These are NOT designs for fine jewelry but are are usual shapes, very small, that can be used in leather and on leather. Without divulging all my design secrets, I would like to meet you and discuss if we can come to a compatible agreement. I would also like to see your shop and be able to visit your shop from time to time to see how the designs are coming along. I am living and working in the fashion district of dtla, so I am close to the heady rush of fashion every second of every day. I am very focused on this label and I have been working on this for a full year now. We have clothes at the patternmakers and are also working on shoes and handbags. This will be a complete collection Also, at the time of meeting, I would need to have you sign our confidentiality agreement. Could you bring some samples of your work to this meeting, when we DO set up a time and place for this meeting?? Do you have a website of your work?? What type of 3d modeling software do you use?? Rhino? or other? Thanks so much for your time. Warmest Regards, Kimberley Carson RM LLC