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I would like to redesign the latch device that joins the 2 halves of our work light together. At the same time I would like to redesign our handle. The latch would incorporate two screws just as the existing one does. The maximum dimensions would be 4" ht.X 2" wide. It could be smaller but the screw holes are a fixed dimension on the shell. Right now dimensions are not extremely critical just overall design. As for the handle, I would like to design a rigid handle that can serve as a carry handle and a handle that the light can be hung from. The handle would need to attach using the 4 available bolts on the top shell currently being used with the fabric handle.
I'm primarily interested in how well the latch improves the overall look of the light. Functionally it just uses two screws to hold the shells together. Please offer color and how it would impact the look possibly coordinating with the handle color. We could possibly use our logo or other style feature
on the latch and or handle. Trying to make the overall look of the light more visually appealing.
Don't Wants:
I don't want anything complicated or expensive to mold.


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