Most advanced Wireless ECG Patch for in hospital monitoringBlind

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Design Product for an Wireless ECG Patch for i n hospital and home patient monitoring.
Mechanical and Electrical connection between electronic part and disposable electrodes.
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Diagnostic reader for disposable test cartridges
We are a small company developing disposable test cartridges for use with human samples such as blood, saliva, swabs, and urine. We are looking for a 3D rendered image of a test cartridge with a reader. The reader should contain a touchscreen interface displaying the concentration readout of five proteins (TNFR2: 485 pg/ml, MMP1: 38,942 pg/ml, RANTES: 11,373 pg/ml, Endoglin: 3,257 pg/ml, sCD40L: 283 pg/ml) and "Microchip #3" as the title. As well, the reader should contain a slot to insert the test cartridge and our company logo. The test cartridge should be about the size of a credit card, made of clear plastic, and contain a sample loading port on one end. We would also like there to be three sample collection pipets and a swab. The three pipets should be colored red, blue, and yellow, and the swab should be white. Reference images are available upon request.
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