The Aurora Borealis Ranch Project’s floor plan and interior design contest

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Hello. I am going to build my 20 acre large luxurious palace with a 10 acre Water Park, a 200 acre Retail Dining district, Farm, Ski Resort, 5 guest houses, A Entertainment/Recreation Complex, And a farm animal petting zoo, and it's all topped off with a Neverland Style Resort with a train station and a playground and treehouse for children.

We Definitely need the best we can get to build this Ranch. I will need prople with a Creative Mindset, and With 10+ Years Experience in the Architecture and Engineering to help me out with this project. We need people who can commute to our house so we can discuss the project.

if you are interested in helping us out.

please let me know

Noah J Boyd
We are looking to evaluate based on Design, color, Dimensions, uses of images and esthetics, and Creativity
Don't Wants:
We do not want Mediocre and ordinary floor plans, we want to add rooms that were not included in a mansion before.
Ask for Sample:
We would love it if you send me samples of your designs.
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